Crack a Masterlock combination lock in 60 seconds! Without knowing the combo!

hey guys style 662 here gonna show you

how to pick a master a combination lock

in under a minute

so first let me start by just orienting

you to the lock this is the combination

dial which will be spinning and

manipulating in order to open it up and

then on the top this piece is called the

shackle it pull pulls up and down just a

little bit when it's locked and then

when it's open it obviously comes all

the way out but the key to cracking

these locks is all shackle and dial

manipulation and here I'll go into that

right now so in order in order to get

the first number what you're gonna want

to do is apply a slight amount of

shackle pressure not enough so that you

can't turn the dial like this or it

won't turn and not too little where you

basically aren't applying any pressure

at all some medium amount where you'll

feel some resistance in the dial and you

might hear some grinding or clicking

inside it as you try and turn it might

sound like it's resisting you turning it

and that's about the right amount that

you want so you're gonna start by

turning it to the right clockwise and

what you're gonna do is you're going to

start with a little bit more shackle

pressure and as you turn it you're gonna

feel a lot of resistance as you keep

turning you're gonna slowly let off

shackle pressure until as you turn the

dial around you'll hear it resist at

only one point as you go around it'll

catch and provide a little bit more

resistance at just a single point as you

go all the way around once you identify

this point on this lock it looks like

it's at about ten and a half if it's in

between a number you're just gonna round

up so this is between ten and eleven so

we're gonna round up to eleven so you're

gonna write that number down eleven and

you're going to add five to that first

number so that will give us sixteen and

that means that sixteen is our first

number in the combination of this master

lock now from here you're going to apply

a little bit more shackle pressure and

you're going to turn counterclockwise

you have to turn counter

for a few turns until the lock will stop

and it won't turn counterclockwise

anymore once you get to this point

you're gonna do the same style of

shackle pressure that you did for the

first number except this time now you're

going to turn clockwise again and you

can only go a single turn and then you

have to go back to that lock point and

try to try it again and you're doing the

same technique you're gonna find a point

keep releasing shackle pressure until

you find a point where there's only one

location of resistance

so for us

and you might have to do this a number

of times to find that single point of

resistance and you have to be very


it looks like this one I can feel just a

tiny bit of resistance between zero and

one we're gonna use that same rule we

had before which is if it's between a

number you're gonna round up except it's

between zero and one we're gonna round

up to one so that means our second

number is one once you've reached this

point you're gonna once you've reached

this point then you're gonna find the

last number in order to find the last

number you're gonna turn clockwise a few

times to reset the lock and then you can

start at zero and apply a lot of upwards

pressure the most pressure you can

pretty much you can apply and then

slowly turn the lock clockwise until it

locks down on a point where you can't

turn it anymore you're going to take a

look at that point and if it's in

between two numbers you're just gonna

ignore it and then you're gonna release

shackle pressure just a tiny bit until

you can turn it just a few spaces until

it locks again and then if it locks and

you can turn the dial left and right and

it's between a number like to see how

it's between 34 and 36 right at 35 35 is

in the center essentially you're gonna

write 35 down so you write 35 down

release a little bit of pressure and go

to the next number that it locks on

it looks like this looked on in between

two again so we're gonna write this one

down this is 32 and then you're gonna

release a little bit of pressure and try

it again you're gonna do this all the

way around so this is in between so we

won't write it down a little bit further

25 is directly between so write that one

down so now we have 25 32 and 35 written

down try it again

this isn't directly between so we'll

just skip it next one it's not in

between we'll skip that one this one is

between so we'll write 15 down and

that's not moving very much see

okay that's not between a number so I'll

leave that one and this final one is

five so we'll write five down

that's not between a number so we'll

leave that so now we've went all the way

around writing down a bunch of numbers

you should have either four or five or

some number close to that written down

so once you have all the numbers written

down like I do here you're gonna notice

that a few of the numbers are going to

be multiples of each other five 15 25

and 35 in our case and then there's

gonna be an oddball and in this numbers

it's 32 and that is going to be your

last number so you combined the first

number that you found with the second

number that you found and the third and

that should be your combination so once

you have your numbers you're gonna just

dial them in starting out clockwise down

your first number 16

then go counterclockwise past the number

you just entered to enter your second

number which is 1 and then back

clockwise to our last number 32 pull the

shackle and it opens there you go how to

open a master lock in under a minute

if you know what you're doing now if

this technique didn't work for you or

you didn't get it the first time there's

a few things you can try the last number

is typically the one you're gonna be

most confident in since when you write

them all down and the odd one out is

almost always the last number but you

might try modifying the first two

numbers by a single digit up or down so

you try 15 132 or 14 132 and then try 16

to 32 or 16 30 32 or rather 1640 32 so

you could try those and then if that

doesn't work for you then you're

probably just going to need to keep

working with the first two numbers the

first two can be a little tricky since

it's all about feel you really just need

to to get good with the shackle pressure

and sensing even the slightest little

bit of resistance as you turn the dial


to to really pick up and notice that

number you're going to find in the

beginning thanks for watching guys hope

you enjoyed it go forth and conquer

styles 662 out