Open Masterlock in 3 Easy Steps with no Combination! Easiest method on YouTube!


I'm gonna show y'all how to open a

master lock without the combination in

three easy steps

these steps are real easy and if you

follow my direction you'll be able to

open it up with no problem so what you

want to do is you want to take your

master lock and put your index finger

through the tang here so you want to put

a slight amount of pressure and you want

to spin counterclockwise so as you spin

clockwise there should be a point you

don't want to put too much pressure on

it but there should be a point to where

you hit you hit some resistance you

don't want to put too much pressure just

enough but you should hit resistance

every turn you'll see where I'm hitting

around right around seven so what you

want to do to get your first number is

you add five to that so your first

number is going to be twelve so that's

going to be the first number in the

combination let's move to the second

step we're going to make this real easy

we're going to put a little bit more

pressure right here so and you want to

go counterclockwise you can hear

clicking you want to spin spin spin

until it will not spin anymore

there we go so as you can see that's

that will not go any further so you want

to mark that spot that's on 39 so what

you want to do is you want to release a

little bit of pressure kind of like the

first step and you want to stay

counterclockwise and clockwise you want

to stay in between that 39 and zero mark

you do not want to go past zero and you

don't when you go back clockwise you

don't want to go past 39 but you want to

you know put just enough pressure to

where you see where you're getting

resistance so as you can see is

I'm getting resistance right around 21

21 or 22 so if it's in between a number

what you want to do is round up so this

number your second number is going to be

22 so the first and second step guess

what that's giving you a combination of

12 and 22 at the third step is easiest

of all so you have your first two

numbers you've got 12 and you have 22 so

the first combination is 12 so you're

going to spin it around a couple times

to clear the clear the mechanism out and

you're gonna go to 12

then you're gonna spin around 22 you're

gonna pass it one time and you're gonna

hit it the second time now this is the

easiest step of all you want to go

backwards by about two and every two you

want to try you want to try every two as

we said before it's not very accurate

with these and there you go so your code

your combination now is 12 22 12 so I

hope you hope you learned something

quick today in case you learn you lost

that combination of the master lock or

if you just want to play with your

buddies in the locker room a little bit

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