(544) Quick and easy way to get your lost combination back to your lock' No math


hello we're going and welcome back all

right so I'm gonna revisit this dial

combination master lock here which is

probably one of the most common

combination locks and everybody's home

you probably got one sitting in your


you forgot the combination you just

didn't want to throw it away well I'm

going to show you how to retrieve your

combination quick and easy no math

involved or anything but I will tell you

it doesn't work on every combination

lock of this sort but it does work on

quite a few so yeah I did a video on

this a while back probably well over a

year ago when I first started in the

Loch sport and I think I can maybe

explain it a little easier a lot of you

have gotten it and you've retrieved your

combination from that video but I'm

gonna revisit it I'll show you again how

to retrieve the combination for your

master lock if you have one of these

sittin in your drawer now like I said

there's no math or anything involved but

it does take a little bit of practice

with tensioning on your shackle because

you have to touch in your shackle while

you're spinning your dial to to feel

what's going on inside these locks so to

get our first combination we're going to

be putting not heavy but light tension

on the shackle so you're going to take

your finger and you're going to push up

on the shackle before you do that

spin your lock around you could feel how

nice and free leave the locks been

nothing's catching or anything so as

you're doing that slowly pull up on your

shackle until you start feeling

something I just felt something there

still smooth still smooth there's a

click right there that's what we're

looking for if you're pulling too hard

you're going to be clicking like every

four you're gonna be catching so I'm

catching too much you got too much

tension on that shackle when you're

trying to find recover your first number

so light tension start spinning it till

you feel nothing totally smooth and then

leave it there if it keeps feeling

smooth and you feel nothing put a little

more tension on it I'm getting a click

right on zero here I know if you could

hear that with the tension I have on the

shackle I'm gonna keep stead

tenshun where i have it did you hear

that I could give it a little more

attention to make it a little more


I could feel it right on the zero listen

you can even hear it anyways I feel one

little click at the zero I could feel it

and I could hear it alright so once we

found that one click which mines right

on the zero we're gonna add five numbers

to it so our first combination to this

lock is going to be five so you all know

how to get your combination it's three

to the right two to the left and one

more to the right so we're gonna at

least three so we'll just keep spinning

it at least three times I'm gonna stop

on a five which is our first number in

the combination now we're going to back

go back to tensioning on the shackle

we're going to give it a little more

tension than we did finding our first

number so we already know we have to go

around we found our first numbers five

we already know we have to go around and

pass the five at least once to get our

second number so let's bring it to the

five and let's start looking for our

second number give your shackle I'm just

going to take some practice so you'll

have to do this a few times you're not

gonna maybe get it the first time I can

do you you're good and you're lucky all

right or you're lucky or you're good one

of the other but anyways give it a

little more attention than you did the

first time because you want it to

actually lock up a little bit more

locking up I'm locking up every four

numbers at this tension

right there I can't go anymore

at that tension and wants to lock up I'm

at 32 so that is our second number in

our combination 32 now to find the last

numbers real easy you don't have to use

no tension on the shackle or nothing

we're gonna go to numbers the first time

and pull on shackle nothing now we're

going to go for numbers 1 2 3 4

pulling the shackle nothing 1 2 3 4 4

shackle nothing 1 2 3 4 there you go we

just recovered the combination to this

lock 532 18 ok tolerances on these

aren't that great so if you're off

within like a number and a half

you'd be doing good alright so 5 past

the 5 let's go to 32 back to 18 there we

just got our combination back luckily we

didn't throw that lock away

hey guys huh that's how you get your

combination back like I said it doesn't

work on all these locks but it does work

on quite a few this one here was hot at

Walmart so like I said it's pretty

pretty much one of the most common

combination locks in everybody's home so

all right well if you enjoyed this video

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and yeah everyone please be safe and

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