How To Crack a Master Lock- Combination Lock- EASY 🔴

today I'm going to be talking about how

to crack a master lock the easy way from

here pick up the lock pull most the

slack out of the shackle pull the

shackle with medium pressure as you

rotate clockwise as you turn you're

going to feel a sticking point for mine

at 17 I want to verify this so I will go

all the way around the lock checking all

the points in fact stops at 17 once you

get this first number add five to it go

and write that down from here while

maintaining medium pressure turn it

counterclockwise keep rotating it until

it stops binds up and won't let you go

any further

this lock stopped at 20 now to find the

second combination go ahead and start

rotating it clockwise again until it

sticks like it did the first time this

lock here stuck at 25 go ahead and write

your second combination down now that

you get the first two combinations go

ahead and reset the lock

from here maintain meeting pressure on

the shackle go ahead and rotate it

clockwise you're going to feel grooves

every four spaces or so go ahead and

test each space until the lock opens

and there you have it

remember to practice and I wish you luck