Mp3 Player Battery Hack


hey guys how's it going welcome back so

today is about an mp3 battery hack this

is my little Kobe 2 gig mp3 player I got

this from a buddy of mine a few years

ago he had it for god knows how long and

even when I got it it wouldn't even

powerup so it's been definitely dead for

a while but I charged her rate up and

it's been working great for last several

years that I've had it and if you go

back to my channel and you look up the

COBE mp3 player you'll find exactly how

how long and feel like forever but

anyways I've had it for quite a long

time regardless and the other day the

battery finally just wouldn't hold a

charge anymore it's at its it's hot

enough you know it would say Oh fully

charged you put it on press play book

dad and so I went looking around town

for a new mp3 player because I run one

of these things on my mixing board so I

can listen to music while I'm you know

on my computer because I don't feel like

using itunes or any of that crap and

having other programs running when I'm

trying to do other stuff so I just

rather have it in the background and in

a more controllable way so anyway

everybody in town was sold out and I

wasn't gonna go after a used mp3 player

cuz I don't want to spend more about 20

or 30 bucks you know and because for me

it's just for that one purpose you know

I don't use earbuds or any of that crap

and so then I couldn't find anything

other than a Sony and I'm not paying for

a brand name so that's all Sony's about

nowadays anyways I think a lot of other

companies and so that alright well I

can't get what I even I'm after wonder

if I can crack this bugger and fix it

and it all snaps together and so I'm

going to show you that I'm gonna pull

this little puppy apart you just got a

dig your fingernail in underneath if you

have any fingernails and you don't find

somebody who does or your screwdriver

anyways just carefully crack it apart

and watch out for the button now this

hack will work with pretty much any mp3

player so if you do not find any screws

key anywhere in the thing just try

popping it apart and it should come

apart so anyways there's the inside guts

and there's the new little replacement

the factory battery actually covered

over this green area and there was a

white plastic sheet here actually at the

back of the LCD that acted as a backer

so this way you wouldn't see any part of

this battery at all so it didn't do

anything functional other than that and

it had a little sticky thing on there to

hold the battery in there I thought well

I don't have a battery that big this is

a battery out of a helicopter called a


or Sima sym a s107 helicopter and this

battery is 240 milliamps it's got a 30 C

discharge rate now this is a hundred

milliamps smaller than the factory

battery and it's better than twice as

small okay as far as dimensions go

because this whole area in here was all

battery it's like well that's kind of

overkill but whatever it's only 100

milliamp difference so it's really easy

to just

unsolder the two wires I mean if you got

a soldering iron you can do it okay it's

really not that difficult I was thinking

about doing a how-to video but at the

time I thought no I'm just gonna you

know oh I'll just tell people about it

after take it apart and show you how

it's done anyway but you just need to

unsolder the black wire the red wire

make sure you remember which one goes

where okay now when you get this battery

there will be a storage charge in it so


touch the contacts together and spark

them okay

they have little pieces of tape will

reach wire just take one piece of tape

off one wire first attach it then the

other okay then you just put your mp3

player back together and put her on the

charge and voila you're back in business

now with a stock battery in this thing

this thing would run for days literally

and it was like this is crazy and this

thing even does videos it has a an FM

radio in it as well

but anyway so you just line it up with

the back here of the display and there's

the little button you gotta remember

that's got to go back in and for this

little guy now this will be this way on

the COBE other mp3 players will be

different I do not know about Apple

iPods I never thought of this idea when

my wife had her iPod she had one of

those ones that were like 50 bucks

little tiny thing we never thought I

could serve battery puke to that thing

and this battery probably would have

been a perfect replacement so you know

if you do have a little iPod instead of

spending 50 bucks on the new one do

yourself a favor and see if you can

gently take it apart so anyways says a

little gray button there make sure that

seated back in and then just carefully

pop the sucker back together

and you did your job right

she'll fire right back up voila

okay so pretty simple and easy to do

this job the battery cost me like I

think it's a buck something or two box

out of China if I remember correctly it

was actually bang good where I got the

batteries from but there's a lot of

places online you can get these little

batteries so check the milli ampere 18

in your battery also be aware of

thickness so look at the profile of the

battery make sure it's a fairly thin one

because you do need a thin one so this

assignment s107 battery definitely will

work in Kobey's and it will likely work

on a lot of the other mp3 players that

will have this batteries you know so

take your machine apart first see what

the battery looks like and try and match

it up as best you can online in if in

doubt order a couple different ones you

know because some of them even in a

lower milliamp there like this you know

a little small little teeny-weeny thing

but they're too thick right this is a

little bit bigger and a thinner okay so

that's another thing to be aware of but

definitely for Kobe's and other mp3

players that have this exact same

profile this battery should fit just

fine for you okay should not gonna

guarantee it so if you order the wrong

battery get pissy that's your problem

not mine I'm just letting you know what

I did to this exact machine but it will

be very much a similar experience with

others you know so but yeah so that's

how it's done now the one thing you will

also have to do at least in this machine

you go into the setup and you go system

tools and you hit reset okay and then

it'll reset the entire radio for or mp3

player back to normal setup because once

you pull the battery you kill any

memories and

therefore any studies and so on but you

still for some reason you need to reset

it because one of the problems I did run

into was it would play a song and then

it would just go pause after the song

was done I'm like what the hell you know

so I hit reset through here not the back

button reset but the reset here in the

programming and it was fine

now that was with this one you may not

have that glitch with another one but

with the COBE you will get that glitch

and you just hit reset and you'll be

fine and then it'll keep playing like it

should so anyways so there's your

battery hack for the day thanks for

watching check you later