what is up guys here we are going into

the imagine movie theater to see if we

can win any prizes from any of the

machines here we go already guys we are

at barber cut like we're gonna see if

anything is ready to pay out here and

see if it is ready just got back from

the movie it watching the movie it

doesn't mean we want to see if it is

ready and put in the comments whether

you like to hit or not a a lot of

people liked it it was pretty cool Wow

alright here we go


oh it's rigged oh no one thought it was

ready earlier Trevor

early yeah search for e+ up soon

skateboards always ready it seems like

sometimes nope it's rigged to a pan okay

that might got a luck here stereo

headphones I'll be too bad I thought it

was ready before the movie started it

no it's already oh man it's I know what

happened Oh already guys bear with a

price cute we're gonna see if I can win

some balls out of this machine hopefully

I could there you go Oh

ready come on you're an actor running

that's easy way that's good toyline

three blazer no first plays they're

always good

let's go for another one wait tuck it in

not good ah knowing when that one no

probably this is try right here right

right right right where no right there

oh right there I don't want that I'll

sure think about come on let's go stab

gun nice perfect grab a ball yeah right

two bucks ooh bows for two bucks yeah

see we can win all five tries over this

machine should be somewhat possible oh

wow the pit box on the way the other

call and we done way too far yet we'll

just keep trying what if I can get its

go right there I was perfect

got it there you go perfect yeah those

are amazing

heck yeah you know it well right now

it's um I don't know what that was I'm

totally messed up oh yeah there's

because of the spikes this way right

five bucks five balls for five bucks

four balls for five bucks an ounce up

one for a masters ready here's the

middle row low B the middle row was

rigged predatory but did a little bit

we'll try the top top could be ready I

have a feeling it's ready this this

dollar made it ready lucky dollar huh

this is the lucky dollar bill heck yeah

I like this

no it's very cool going yeah alright and

wish it in huh well we got four balls

out of this machine that was pretty

awesome already guys next location

alright guys we were at this barber cut

light machine there is a vivitar action

camera I just played it it's ready to

pay out look at this I almost won it

before I started recording I'm gonna see

if I can win this right here

this try



that is so cool oh my gosh I got a

freaking divot our action camera that is

so cool

from barber cut light we got four more

tries those yeah you never know I guess

the mouse next chart is VR headset


skateboard ski spoon off scooter

skateboarding back these Bluetooth

speaker cool now that's rigged great we

have to try slap shutting off these two

other rows it's a nerf gun walkie talkie

and a Elsa doll let's say that's ready

look at it that's ready see it's been

caught I just missed it



it's never recovered less and less wait

a minute

no you might be able to pull with the

trip no I can't something enough be

really thin to do that yeah well I got


another vivitar action camera that's

pretty cool already guys next location

alright guys let's try this minion

machine here

see if I can win something let's try

five bucks on this machine you get five


see if I can win a minion

turn to this one back here

that's pretty good I might do it I might

yes it's got it nice nice thank you have

a minyan good job

alright let's go through on it's awfully

loud in this movie theater I wonder why

that you saw a girls trip they walk it

oh oh okay that one's good that one's in

a good spot good spot for the minion yes


well that was awful no awful good all


the can win another one oh well we'll

try the prison one that I moved earlier


that was pretty bad I gotta wait

til I could swing it's not working right

we'll go to the next person

well they're all available in key

masters so I might as well get one you

need to happen to go for it gah middle


these Bluetooth speed these Bluetooth at

homes are due ready

and it's something when the topper was i

imagining this isn't a word Aaron would

that was Nova that was an all by this

yeah they didn't know one no I don't

think so

they never know I swear somebody won the

hothead but it's so Aaron remember you

went out to this car and you went to go

get his camera so that was like nine

months ago probably yeah a while ago

might be ready now you might have been

the last one yeah that would've been

amazing amazing all right

bottom row probably might maybe baby did

you spinners yes right or up or a

transformer fish there sideswipe oh my

god alright digit spinner win dude it's

always well shoot shoot shoot shoot

shoot shoot

and yep yeah one more try

no oh well you got a camera though

that's cool all right guys

next location guys we just walked up to

this toy shop machine look at the glass

is open you put the Hat you can move it

that's so cool this is like the eighth

time this happened here right okay what

you can do just press this hey no you

gotta have the key nope

wait no this one you do have to have the

key with the new you really oh you do

wait push it in see if you can push it I

think you can do it yeah there you go

you can do it no you have to have the

key do Wow what may be in the way so I

moved on but yeah you have to have the

heater wow I wonder how they did that is

there anything in here what there's like

nothing right this is new then they just

got these machines here I'm the guy


yeah yeah well we'll put it back we'll

put it back we won't grab anything

that's so weird all right yeah yeah yeah

they just left it unlocked that's so


yeah did you call them it's so crazy

never tell somebody about it

but watch it or if anything something

that works is tickling a piece of tape

like a piece of duct tape and like put

it right here yeah people do that and so

the door guys we just walked out of that

Walmart the machine was literally

unlocked the glass this is like the 30th

time I was just joking

I grabbed the crew and I was like oh

here we go and then I walked out I was

gonna go put it back in the guy's like

hey what's going on and then the lady

walks up and she's like we were like no

the guy off machine lock yeah right you

were gonna steal everything and then we

walked out I thought on those doors

mm-hmm since they slide like this ya

know cuz yeah yeah they slide yeah they

slide like this so what I thought is

maybe there's like a stuffed animal like

like we have been right stuffed animals

sometimes get jammed in between the

doors you can shut the stuffed animals

back and try to close it and then it did

not work at all and then they got mad

because here's the thing we were trying

to lock it and I guarantee you so many

people have walked by and Clyde grab

something and they don't say anything

because I don't know that was crazy but

we're gonna check out some other

locations here we go