How to hard reset a Chromebook! Remove user and password! Samsung Asus Acer

what's up YouTube hard reset clean here

today I've got a Chromebook here with me

this is Samsung 300 series but this

actual procedure of hard resetting the

Chromebook should work on any Chromebook

model from my knowledge it's work with

several others manufactured by instance

and a seer so it should work regardless

of what manufacturer your Chromebook is

so first thing you're going to notice is

when I crack this open it's got a

password on it let me show you here so

wait for it to load up there we go so as

you can see I've got a password here and

it's not letting me in so what we're

going to do is going to look down at our

keyboard here I'm going to look for ctrl

shift alt and then followed by our there

we go now it says reset Chromebook right

then we're going to adjust my camera for

y'all to see there we go reset device

reset this Chrome device it's called a

power wash it'll reset your device to be

just like new and so let's go ahead and

now we'll select power wash and then

it'll ask you is just confirming that

you want to be you know completely wiped

out and this actual procedure cannot be

undone go ahead hit continue the device

should power off

there we go we're back to you know

factory settings this is a great tool

especially if you're looking to change

ownership on a Chromebook or if you just

sit Oh got a bunch of garbage on there

and looking to clean it up outside of

that that's all there is to it if you

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