How to get in your locked car, after locking the keys inside, unlock your car without a key. - VOTD

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much for watching this video I'm going

to try to unlock the door on this Ford

Edge it's kind of a cross a crossbreed

vehicle like a small SUV last time I

locked my keys in the car police came by

because the car was running and they'll

get you in there because they don't want

your car running in somebody get in here

drive off with it but if you don't have

the vehicle running you normally have to

get a locksmith to do it

now what they did for me was and I've

done in the past is they wedge the top

of the doorframe open and then slide a

tool or a hanger something down there

and try to pop the lock by hitting the

button or pulling the latch slim jims

usually don't work on these vehicles

because they have you know kind of

anti-theft functions on it now if you

have a keypad like this one have a lot

of times you can just enter the keypad

and get in that way but I don't think

they have the code to the door so let me

go ahead and set my wedges in place and

pick up from there now if you don't have

a knob that you can pull up that you can

see through the window you'll have to

try to use the hanger to bump a unlock

latch button or grab the handle and pull

the door open like that or even snag the

keys and drag the keys out of that hole

but hopefully you got a knob that you

can pull up makes things a lot easier

well if you have a car with a keyless

entry number pad for goodness sakes

figure out how to use that and get that

pad number

get yourself of a valet key for your car

most cars came with one new if you don't

have one get one or get a duplicate key

made and give that key to somebody that

you know that sober not strong that on

some kind of substance that you can call

and get a little help if you need them

to come help you unlock the car

this door is real tight I wedged in the

screwdriver the best I can without

tearing up the seals so I'm going to see

if I can get there now this latch

actually has a little nuts in it if

you're fortunate enough to have a

pull-up with a notch in it what I

normally do is I'll take the hanger and

put like a V wedge in it so that

hopefully I can start this part over

that notch and then as I pull it'll get

jammed there and be able to pull the

latch up so I'm going to try to feed

that in there see if I can get it on

that latch and open up I don't know if

you'll be able to see it but I got the

hanger coming down in here and I did get

it down to the pool up on that little

pull-up there so I'm going to try to get

it to slide on there and see if I could

pop it up but I did get it pulled up so

the door shut up and we're in so of

course the goal was to get that clipped

on there like that pull it tight till

you can pull it up and previous attempts

butch it up to seal a little bit but

heck that seal may be cheaper than the

locksmith alone if you feel that this

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