Getting keys out of your locked truck

what's up YouTube people so I locked my

keys in my truck the windows down

because I got I'm sorry gonna show you

guys how to do this what I'm gonna say

was you know if you guys have done this

it's you know hundred dollars to get it

done by a lock shop or you can just kind

of do this math method I better put a

disclaimer on this one though you know

don't go breaking into people's trucks

we do live in America you will get shot

and you can't blame the guy from YouTube

so only do this on your own vehicle this

video is made for entertainment purposes

and all that good stuff so I'm not gonna

be held responsible if you guys do

anything like this but hey go out there

and unlock your own keys new truck using

this method it's all good so we'll go

ahead and get started you know I've been

working on the Silverado I got quite a

few other videos of stuff I've been

doing on this so it's up and running and

stuff now but I was in here getting

ready to take it for a drive and I

locked my keys in my car as you can see

I got it open well the windows open now

but I've been messing around with it to

kind of see how to unlock it

and I figured I'd make a quick video in

case you know you guys do this or

whatever maybe it'll help you guys out

because it took me a while to figure it

out so first off what you're gonna need

a lot of people are gonna say like a

coat hanger this is a piece of metal off

of a bucket like the bucket handle that

I just cut off and you know you made it

so you can wedge it down in here but it

wouldn't work and I couldn't figure out

why it wouldn't work so I'm gonna show

you guys how you guys have to get into

these trucks and this is without power

locks it has no power locks and it has

that kind of a door locking mechanism

which would be really hard to yeah it'd

be really hard to do because you can't

really grab onto that with anything if

you pried the door over anything like

that flat my my little fluoroscope here

so I'll show you guys what's going on

first thing you're gonna want to do is

pull this little turn piece up it just

clips out of there move it out of the

way so you have a little bit more room

next thing you're gonna want is some

sort of a wedge if you don't have a

wedge it's gonna be okay this is a leaf

spring wedge a piece cut off of one that

I have laying around and I

shoved it in there but you can do it

without it if you just kind of pull on

this right here it'll it'll come out but

basically if I stick my poor split down

in there as you guys can see right there

is the locking mechanism and I'm trying

to film and do this all at the same time

on the reposition it real quick so you

can see it a little bit better down in

there see that little tab right there

did the light shining on that with the

the bar sticking into it and it's

clipped in there that is the guy you're

going for so I guess you can't really

see it but you can see it in the video

it's that little guy right right there

and what I thought was you could kind of

do it how you used to be able to do a

slim jim back in the day and shove this

in there and pull up on that and it

would unlock the door so I was pulling

and pulling and pulling on this at this

and it wasn't coming up and it wasn't

unlocking so actually what you guys have

to do you guys have a screwdriver this

screwdrivers from Harbor Freight you

know like five bucks or whatever get it

I'll show you guys how it works get your

door get it pried open a little bit

right here so you can get the

screwdriver down in here in that same

locking mechanism what you're gonna want

to do instead of pulling up on it just

lightly press down on it like that and

your door comes right open so what

happens is when you pull up and down on

this buy in this is a levered in here


apparently so that when you push down on


that's what unlock the box it not

pulling up on it so hopefully that helps

some you guys out you know you don't

have to spend a hundred bucks in a lock

shop or whatever and it took me a little

while to figure it out but if you have a

91 I'm assuming it's the same for GMC

but you know in the 90 year Silverado or

Sierra it should be the same like I said

this one has no power locks so you know

stick your little screwdriver down in

there on top of that thing press it

straight down just like that and it'll

click a little bit and there you go your

door will be open so hopefully this

helps me guys out

you know and so you won't have to pay a

locksmith or anyway or anything like

that so anyway take it easy guys hope

this helped