How to use a slim Jim the easy way(suicide)side trick

okay this is a Chevy Impala any one of

these locks like this with the

protruding locks that come up and down

this is a suicide slim-jim way of thing

I don't know if people who use a slim

jim like this but I've learned through

different techniques to use it like this

so let's go so first thing I'm gonna do

is take my my bag make sure it's in

there kind of perspire

you used I don't even use the word or

anything the pride of doors I'll just

use the winter now to pry the door a

little when I take my slim jim and you

see this bit for optimal use put the

slim jim right there

and we're gonna come in here with that

fun to touch the door you want to know

you're gonna want to try to come down a

little so you can grab that lock I'm

trying to use the phone at the same time

say I'm doing it with one hand do you

see how I'm doing that just pull up

that's how easy this is the slim jim