Possible way to unlock a Chevy Equinox that the keys are locked in / after working under the hood


in YouTube this claim oklet's a scene

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so today I've got something super trick

Frank was working underneath the hood of

a car and he said hey clay when it's you

neat trick you could share on YouTube

and I'm like zero I want to see a neat

trick I can share on YouTube so he's

underneath working on the hood working

underneath the car underneath the hood

blah blah he hooks up the battery the

doors lock well the keys are inside the

car what are you gonna do well I'm about

to show you it's pretty super sweet ok

sometimes when you work on a car you

connect the battery and the door is

locked automatically one of the tricks I

found out to not use a slim jim

but it takes very cable

holy crap that's pretty cool brought to

you by our friend Frank it accurate

engines that's pretty sweet good looking

out Frank people will be happy about

that if you dug that stay tuned because

I'm gonna explain to you why that

actually works and you can check out my

clay tricks and tips playlist it's

awesome it's full of stuff like that and

the way you can get that door open with

just a brake line or a coat hanger or

whatever is in there too so if you guys

are like me I not only love to know what

happened I also want to know why it

happened so in this situation I'm gonna

give you a brief little explainer on

what is going on this is a relay and all

cars use relays they use it to control

different electrical components inside

the automobile without getting too

technical what's happening is is there's

always a ground on one side of this

relay and this door is kind of like it's

kind of like a door it's switching back

and forth when he is giving it 12 volts

it's got the ground right there and it's

like getting this like little charge of

energy little charge of energy allowing

this relay to work hence unlocking the

doors I didn't want to get super

technical with you folks that's why I

didn't explain it and depth so all you

electrical type people out there I don't

need you to explain it to me I was just

trying to do that for the layman folk

this is exactly why whatever you're

working on anything you're working on

you should not only fix the problem you

should know why it's a problem in the

first place that's what that kind of

stuff gives me when I was making this

video for you folks I actually thought

about well why does it do that Frank

says if you have the hood open it works

on everything it's never failed you how

long you been working on cars Frank

he's sussed you long that means he's

been working on cars for like three


well I thought that was pretty cool and

I thought I'd share that with you folks

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