Chevy Colorado passlock issue fix

hey what's up guys my name is earnest

and today I'll be showing you my 2009

Chevy Colorado and the issue that a lot

of you guys have been having with the

past lock system I've had this truck for

about say a year maybe two years already

and past locks started kicking in the

truck wouldn't turn on for 15 minutes I

would have to leave the ignition open

come back shut the ignition off and a

triple turn on it was to a point that

the truck was even turning on in those

15 minutes 30 minutes so I looked around

and there was a few remedies to fix the

issue by cutting the white and blue wire

went ahead cut the white and blue wire

and the truck was working perfect after

a good year the truck started kicking in

with the issue again that the choke

would start taking 20 minutes 30 minutes

and I would even know how much longer

because I already was to a point that

the body was dying on the truck today

got to the point that the truck does

even turn on anymore I went ahead try

doing everything I had to do nothing

would work got to the point that I

called my buddy at Chevy he went ahead

and I told them hey no my truck's not

turning on anymore bro I don't know what

to do anymore with the truck you

recommended me to put everything back to

start man sure that's gonna work you're

like listen that's the best bet that you

can do to fix the issue if there's an

issue om would be the best route alright

whatever I went ahead put the white him

do wire back to stock course the truck

wasn't gonna turn off the little light

was stuck on the dash but it was turning


call them back I was like hey I put the

water back on he goes okay

buy a new ignition for the truck I do I

went ahead on Amazon bought the ignition

for like 50 bucks I put the link in the

description went ahead and all I had to

replace from the ignition was the little

plug piece on the back which is black

you don't have to exchange the whole

ignition if yours is damaged I guess

I'll take advantage and replace the

whole thing

but the piece that I needed was the

little black piece in the back they

don't sell that separately so I went in

and replaced that little piece I went to

try to turn on the truck didn't turn on

call them back and say hey man Chuck

still didn't turn on here okay I'm gonna

go swing by him and we'll take a look

while he said that he was gonna come by

I went online and I found a few people

saying that you need to relearn the key

by open the ignition for 10 minutes and

then shutting it off for 10 seconds and

turning it on shutting it off turning it

on shutting it off for three times after

the 10 minutes the little key light on

the dash is sure she shut off I tried

that didn't work so by the time he got

here I'll say hey I tried a few things

didn't work he went and plugged in his

computer he scanned the computer and a

bunch of pass lock codes came up which I

assume why the little relearning messes

didn't work was because so many codes

around the on the computer he went ahead

and he cleared everything and he had I

guess like a function on the computer to

relearn the key it took 10 minutes to

relearn the key man and as crazy as it

sounds the truck was working perfect

hasn't given me any problems again and

it's been perfectly fine I'll show you

I have a second order on this June 23

while I do it I so notice that the

little key light is on normal pop the

key back in the turn perfectly fine

little tea light goes away little lock

you know like you same key disappears I

know it sounds crazy and you know a lot

of people are like oh hold putting it

back to stalking and a word I mean this

comes with my Chevy guy he told me hey

put everything back to my goals get a

new ignition I know it's a little 50

dollar investment we don't know if it'll

work for you works for me in my case and

see if you can find somebody that Chevy

you can swing by and say hey man I need

to relearn my my ignition maybe you can

just do the key procedure for 10 minutes

and reward for you because you didn't

have the coal that I had

should take about ten minutes if you

taken to Chevy telling me listen

it'sit's a got every learn the key in

the truck and it should work for you I

mean this is just my recommendation

because I've tried everything out there

and you know I something crazy that just

putting your anything back to stock and

replacing our part and we learned excute

work I'm a little mind going by it so I

wanted to share it with you guys because

I know a lot of you guys having this

heading out there and a lot of you guys

been frustrated about so hope I had a

little bit of help that I can help you

guys with you guys have any questions

you can message me or comment below

thanks how are you