How to use a Slim Jim on a Chevy Silverado / Unlock a Car door

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today I'm gonna show you how to unlock a

Chevy Silverado with a slim jim or show

you how slim jim works if you lock your

keys in it need to get it in one

whatever exactly how this works and how

we do it alright so this is my 2010

Silverado this will work on the GMC so

for Silverado whatever and you have a

basic slim jim here and yeah these

things are really cheap I'll leave a

link down in the description below for

instead of these guys here they actually

come in a different couple different

sizes if you look here it's kind of a

smaller one but this one's actually been

pre bent I've already bent it you got to

kind of have to bend these things for

one application you're gonna use it on

this one is bent for Chevy Silverado

I'll show you that here in a second but

on the tip here this is actually the

sign or the style of some Jim you're

gonna need to use to open up the

Silverado not this little one it's a

bigger one I actually have a tape

measure inside the door panel of

Silverado but once I unlock it and show

you I'll actually do situation

measurement stuff like that I'll also