lockout on a chevy truck

oh yeah uh Google Nilus rasa tahn yeah

all right

today is a hump day Wednesday you know

people level behind it's kind of cold

out here today 63 degrees about to do a

lockout on a you uh shovel a truck you

said you were out of money I saw the

message of you policy you said we can't

afford to run this site if you're that


what's your name Eric all right I need

you to sign off on this lockout all

right my computer is a touch screen man

you touch it with the base of your

finger just like that touching

scientists like a cell phone put your

initials right there put your initials

right there signed by the exten today's

the 16th

sixteen yeah sister 8:30

why not just continue the conversation

without all the FRSA so that I don't

have to dump what you're saying is it

manual lock no power locks

you're on syndicated radio and you're no

one no one knows who you are

please give me a break you have a


your big tough guy let's do it

that's funny how he claims that now

sorry man you're welcome yo there you go

all right now

that's bet