How to unlock a locked truck in less than 30 seconds!

alright guys I'm gonna show you an old

cowboy trick and one thing about comic

tricks is they can get you in a lot of

trouble so there's some disclaimers here

so take a look at this

so say you got your your trailer and

your truck all loaded up and you're

ready to haul some cattle and you call

the farmer okay I'm gonna bring you some

cow and you ready to go and you find

that you lock the keys in the truck yeah

so what do you do

so there's several ways you can get in

probably easiest is just pick up a rock

break the window pop the button that's

kind of expensive though because you got

a broken window

I've actually called some locksmith and

what they do is they get in here and

some vehicles I don't know if you could

do it on this one but you can kind of

try to pry the window and then get in

there with you know something you see on

the movies though they'll pull off the

antenna and then they'll stick it in and

pop the button I don't know if that

would work on this vehicle but there's

an easy way to do it in a quick way and

first of all I should tell you that if

you're opening a vehicle you should

really make sure it's your own vehicle

or you have permission because something

so simple can get you in a lot of

trouble so the thing that kind of

brought to my attention today is I went

down to town for some feed for the cows

and there's all these people standing

around this Jeep trying to trying to get

into it and and they actually had metal

crowbars and they were trying to pry and

I thought for sure they were gonna break

the window and I thought they probably

didn't want one more person from the

peanut gallery trying to chime in but

here's a really simple way and it works

really well especially if you have women

especially moms

with a big purse and you know the big

person has everything you know if even

the kitchen sink so you go up to the

ladies and you say hey is uh would you

happen to have any dental floss in that

purse and I just happen to have some

dental floss right here and what you do

with the dental floss I'm using my

toolbox is a tripod you basically take

out a nice long section I'd say it works

with straight I've always done it with

string I've never really tried dental

floss but I'm sure it will so then what

you want to do is you want to tie a

slipknot and it has to be a slipknot and

I don't know if it's gonna work real

good with this dental floss because what

you really need is a slipknot that's not

gonna slip very easy this may slip a

little too easy so what you do with this

is you basically put it up I can do it

with one hand behind my back

right in where the door closed and kind

of work it in this way like so and

actually you could probably do it where

you don't have the dental floss and then

just kind of work it down inside and see

it's you know I don't know if you can

see what the glare very much but it's

actually inside the window and what you

want to do is it only works with

vehicles with knobs and you want to get

that Slipknot down by the knob so

there's the Slipknot right there and the

trick is is to bring it down to the knob

and oh yep definitely have to have a lot

of string on the side cuz it has to go

almost flat

I don't know if I can do this with one

hand behind my back seat it's getting

closer than I'm right there and it works

if you open up the slipknot before you

stick it in the window huh this might be

kind of hard to get it on oh and I lost

my string so yeah so normally I have two

hands and I won't lose this string and

then actually I can pull it out this way

but I big scrap to start over and you

can see just pulling it out I lost the

slipknot it actually works better on a

string that's not waxed but I want to

try this with two two hands and see if I

can get it over there now all right so

actually since its dental floss that

I've never used before I actually tied a

knot that's not to slip knot and you can

see right there and you can see it this

is kind of the angle so you have to make

sure your string is long enough so it's

down by the handle all the way up to

here and from here basically you just

pull up on it and my car there's an

alarm so make sure when you're doing

this it's your own car