Avalanche lock out.

well it seems like Ed's new Avalanche

has a mind of its own

it just locked it out so Edie now has to

call Chevy and have them with the OnStar

and have them unlock his Avalanche okay

tried to call OnStar but we can't get

any cell phone service up here in the

hills so Jay there is going to have to

crawl in through the back of the

Avalanche hop over the top my boy yeah

we really be in trouble

see this is what uh who talked about

this is what modern vehicle

technology does for people these days

CDs these trucks think for themselves it

locked the doors on me why I don't know

you're right there now no in luck okay

now all we gotta do is get Jay out of

here you know what it's April the hell

with this horse stuff I think we've got

to take up fishing traffic