How to Open an Old Vintage Antique Trunk or Chest Lock

hello there again you to family and

friends we're in a different venue today

this is my in-laws junk storage area

things have been stored in here since

1984 and amongst all of those wonderful

treasures I found two trusts chests or

trunks also I found a book of books this

has the complete handbook of locks and

locksmithing by see a Roper really good

book it's one of the keeper books that

stayed here but let's get right to it

alright original ones the ones that have

the handles the handles in the front the

ones that have the handles on the side

mimic the original one see that one on

one side some of the newer ones are the

imitation ones more like cratenbarrel

tomato press would really just fall

apart on you they have a handle on this

side and typically have a handle on the

other side and no hander in the middle

but enough about that

alright so I've gone through the book in

the book has absolutely nothing about

these simple locks I checked for YouTube

I checked on YouTube for videos and I

found nothing there so I can't find this

thing I didn't want to damage the lock

locking mechanism there's actually

another lock that goes through that

secures it that's a security lock lock

of what everyone and this is the latches

blacks has worked well units a little

rusty from being outside but the way

that I found to to circumvent this at

the simple lock is to take a flathead

screwdriver and push it on an angle like

this so I'm gonna get as tight as I can

here an angle like this and start to

turn the lock you only have to turn it

about 90 degrees and it'll push in the

two pins and then while it's tight like

that do you guys talk like that I can

pull the whole assembly up that was


I can I can assure you it was like I can

push it back down and it's locked

okay get in there I can try and use

something and pry it but it's gonna wind

up damage it so push it on a angle like

that like that

rotate it 90 degrees and hold it open

real simple

they weren't meant to be hard they were

meant to secure the top to the bottom so

that you can put the secure in lock in

okay and on the backside quick look at

what it is

once you go that 90 degrees these two

pins push in they push in together and

they pushing these two little locking

tabs no lucky

wedge tabs that's it and you're in I

hope this helps you please don't go

around doing the various things with the

stuff I've showed you this is like the

head scratchers answer guide here since

I didn't find anyone who could answer it

and I saw it upon finding an answer

myself if you if you have any questions

comments or concerns please feel free to

drop me a line hey don't forget to


take care bye bye