Chest Freezer Hack

hello friends we're at holy scrap hot

springs of New Mexico today we're making

a big change in our kitchen from our

upright refrigerator 2000 watts a day of

power off our solar system but the

benefit of drawers and shelves and all

those nice things I'm going to give that

up and we're going to switch to this

little freezer that is only about a

hundred watts add a huge difference so

it's about 20 times savings in power

which means we can run the air

conditioner or do any number of things

with the power we get back so this is a

freezer chest freezer we're going to

convert it to a refrigerator I'm going

to convert it using my keys widget of

late which is the fridge controller he

just finished it is very excited so I so

here we go we're going to make the

change today

it's been a really long day we have a

lot of crap to move but we did it so

here's our little chest freezer and in

cubic-feet we went to less than half of

what we had before so it's been a big

adjustment anyway good what we got so

now I open the door but our Energy's not

lost the cold air stays low that's one

of the reasons this is so efficient and

we had to create like little systems for

our food so it's gonna be a pain they

ask there's no question but we're going

to get used to it because that's the way

things are you know so anyway there it

is love law everything's in and we got

our little temperature control here

Mikey's widget so he put this one in a

little case we threw it on a hair tie

and threw it on a hook and there's our

10 31 32 31 32 so tada

and I want to show you what we did with

the old fridge because we thought we're

going to throw it away and then we came

up with a great idea I'm so happy about

it so let's take a look so this is our

utility room and we've had plans to

build shells in here for a long time

mostly for storage of food so as

homesteaders you know you have a lot of

crap don't want hang on to so anyway we

took the fridge we moved it in here a

fridge barely works but who cares we're

not using it up anymore as a fridge so

this is not plugged in and now this is

our drug storage so we have all our

flowers and green we have all our

tincture making stuff all our herbs and

punished it's fantastic

so toda who needs to build shelves when

you have dinner for the reader okay it's

been a good day