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this is lady Pandora

with another Pandora tip today's tip is

called how to open a Pandora bracelet

clasp this Pandora tip is brought to you

by galettes jewelers let's calm delay

you in this video you'll discover two

ways to open a Pandora bracelet clasp

first look at the clasp rotate the clasp

until you see the vertical line then

take your fingernail and place it inside

that line take your other fingernail and

place it at the other end of the line

then use gentle but firm pressure to

leverage the clasp open you'll find the

clasp that will be firm that's good

because you'll want your charms to be

secure on your bracelet and you don't

want your clasp to come open too easily

most ladies find the second way to open

a bracelet easier the second way is

using the pandora clasp opener the

pandora clasp opener looks like this the

side of the clasp opener is used to open

the bracelet take the clasp opener and

hold it firmly between your thumb and

fingers like this place the edge of the


opener in the horizontal line on the

bracelet lamp apply a gentle but firm

pressure and the clasp will then open

for you when you're not using your

pandora clasp opener you can use it as a

mobile phone charm that way you'll

always have it handy when you need it

you can purchase the pandora clasp

opener from the delet jewelers website

okay let's calm delay you and remember

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New Zealand for all Pandora jewelry

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