How To Unlock a MetroPCS Phone For All Carriers (by Device Unlock App).

unlocking service we offer allows you to

use any network providers SIM card in

your metro pcs or t-mobile phone the

unlocking process simply can be done

through the device unlock app to make

your device eligible for unlocking

please visit www.meliar.com/mpanel.htm

you're gonna need is you're gonna need

your IMEI number so you want to go to

the dollar and you want to dial star

pound zero six pound and your IMEI

number will appear or if not you can

just pull the battery and underneath the

battery there should be a sticker with

your IMEI once you have that information

written down you want to head over to

www.markzware.com inant unlock once you

hit permanent unlock this should take a

few minutes and it will notify you that

your device is ready to be unlocked so

this takes a few minutes it is actually

requesting and now you have confirmation

unlock the proof mobile device is

permanently unlocked so now you can

actually use this on AT&T simple mobile

any GSM network there you guys have it

now what you do now is just press

restart and your device is fully

unlocked thank you for watching