How to unlock a MetroPcs android phone?

hello I just want to make this video

yeah in order to show you how to unlock

an android phone from MetroPCS so let's

let's turn it on so there are a few

steps to take when unlocking garlic a

MetroPCS so one of the first step you do

is you put a different SIM card again

once you put a different SIM card and

you restored the phone one when you

restore the phone it will ask you for a

code so that's one option the other

option is you can go inside the form

click on the menu and what you see

device online so this is where you need

to go so when you press device unlock

okay your device network not at this

time which prevents it from operating

other comparable wireless networks but

inquired by the device on but


please continue so you try to unlock it

within the the app so let's go on trying

to connect to the server so this is the

screen that you see it will ask you to

unlock permanently you usually it

usually gives you two screens I don't

know for some reason this is not showing

up one of these screen says permanent

unlock the other screen I will say

trumpery are not so let's do a permanent

unlock click on permanent unlock

all right oh very good

so here it says unlock approved mobile

device is permanently on to apply the

settings you must restart the phone so

this means the phone is completely

unlock and will be able to use different

different SIM cards in the case if you

see a different messages

it usually says the fort is not eligible

for unlocking in that case you either

need to call MetroPCS to get it or not

or you need to go online and get it from

some companies they do I'm working for

different services different carriers

you can do through them so let's restart

the phone to apply the D changes so I

just want to make just sort of make

another point which is when you put a

different SIM card and either tells you

to put it cold in that case you need to

get the call from a third party or or

the other option is the other option

that will show you this device can be

can be remotely or not so meaning by

using the device unlike app which is

within which is within the app itself

within the phone itself so you go and

you follow these steps that I just show

just showed you all right thank you