2020 How to unlock a phone from carrier network for FREE - How to unlock a phone / iPhone & Android

what's been going on guys it's Nick

Wallace from sim novella calm and in

this video I will be showing you how to

Korea unlock any smartphone whether it

is an iPhone or an Android phone for

free don't pay money to the Koreas for

something you could get for free okay in

front of me I have an iPhone 10 and a

Samsung Galaxy s8 both of them are Korea

locked I also want to announce that our

website now supports tablets so you can

career unlock iPads or Android tablets

okay so let's jump right into it I'm

gonna unlock this iPhone with this

tablet it doesn't really matter where

you're doing the unlocking from you can

do it from the phone itself or another

phone or tablet you it really doesn't

matter because the I mean number is the

only thing important to begin we're

gonna open up the About tab when the

iPhone so we can find the IMEI number

another way to do this on any smartphone

is by dialing star cash zero six hash

this will show up the IME a number on

the screen of the phone before we start

the unlocking we'll take out the SIM

card from the locked phone now we're

ready on the website sim novella comm

fill in your email address your I am

your number and phone version check the

IMEI number and make sure it is correct

then hit the magic unlock button the

script the load and the service who do

their job after a minute of unlocking

you will be asked for purification this

includes a classic app installed to

verify the unlocking who gets redirected

to a new window read the app

installation steps and follow the

instructions carefully I'll speed up the

process because it takes a while

when you complete the verification your

phone should be unlocked I'll put in the

SIM card so you can see the first time

install a SIM card it takes a while to

connect to the career assuming an

unfocused thing you can see that there

we go

this iPhone 10 is now on loud and I can

use a SIM card from any courier I want

to you can also do this unlocking on the

Samsung or any other phone or tablet

thank you guys for watching my video and

I hope this helps a lot we've made

couple of videos that you can check out

on unlocking methods if you have any

questions or if you don't understand

something please leave a comment and

we'll repla as fast as possible before

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you guys for watching and see you next