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about that how about that for YouTube

video live so here we go alright alright

good morning good morning everybody

alright sit down everybody

hey good morning where I'm at all right

all right so all right so we've got

different stuff here we got unlock

phones GSM CDMA world phone's SIM cards

and lt all right so we're gonna just

kind of erase this and I'm gonna get a

better board guys as we go along I do

have a bigger board I just haven't set

it up yeah I just kind of thought this

up in my head so let's go ahead and take

a look so people with the unlock phones

alright so everybody's like oh what's

the unlock phone

what can I use it on let me show you

guys and tell you guys real quick what

you guys can actually use where you guys

can actually use these phones or

whatever because that is like my biggest

thing and I hate when people kind of get

this wrong and they mess themselves up

right alright so basically what we got

going on here and let me see who's in

here real quick

I know CDMA is your cellular sprint

verizon 18 teen mobile is gsm okay

so basically yes so that's what that's

what we got going on here all right so

we got so we got a couple different

companies here and a couple different

things going on so we do have we have

what's called GSM on one end and then we

have what's called CDMA on the other end

right so CDMA on the other side all

right so GSM global CDMA is cell

division multiple access all right so

I'll have to go I'll watch later all

right they're very heating that's what's

up man

alright so under the CDMA carriers we

have Sprint's and I need a bigger border

ready sprint and then we got for risin

risin basically and then we have on this

side we have AT&T and then we have

t-mobile alright so basically basically

what happened what happens is you cannot

go from one to the other just can't

really do it okay guys now there are

exceptions obviously Verizon all of

Verizon phones are usually unlocked hey

all right cool

okay so Verizon phones usually come

unlocked all ready to go right but

usually what what happens is you can't

go from here to here

neither AT&T to t-mobile can't use their

own network so basically what it is is

each one of these carriers has its own

network and you can't just you know take

a little sprint phone put it on Verizon

you can't take a verizon phone you can't

put off Sprint without some special

thing being done to it okay

now what you can do right so this is

this is what that is right for Verizon

its kind of special case

Verizon phones can usually be

on AT&T mobile phones RT mobile networks

no problem because they have their

unlocked so Faraj and phones are usually

unlocked Sprint is its own little bad


usually not working with anybody so

that's why sprint phones are usually the

cheapest to buy and usually people get

you know messed up with it so sprint

phones just not a good thing to get and

nobody's watching well so sprint phones

are usually not the best to buy when it

goes to that okay so that's the whole

CDMA GSM thing let me let me kind of

break it down a little bit better for

you guys alright so we have ATT then we

have C mobile then we have Sprint and

then we have Verizon on the set why

sprint I don't know I just don't know

sprint sprint just doesn't want to act

act active and wants to be the bad the

bad guy I don't know but Sprint's always

been like that it's the way they're it's

the way they're their network kind of

goes they're kind of working on it but

as of now as of lately Sprint basically

it's just hard to get any phones to

cooperate with so they do have some cool

phones but it's just whatever

alright so under ATT obviously you have

you have cricket you have h2o you have

what do you have on the creek what do

you have a ATT prepaid then on the

t-mobile you have Metro you have simple

mobile you have trying to think of other

t-mobile brands right now you have you

have various brands basically Metro

simple mobile somebody give me some more

t-mobile brands real quick

let's see here under spring you have

boost you have virgin

you have ting I believe let's see here

simple mobile there's a whole bunch more

go smart Verizon you have some straight

talk phones some Trac phones what else

do you have h plus h plus all right so

all right so basically straight talk no

straight straight talk can be straight

talk can be under Verizon Sprint

t-mobile or AT&T so straight talk can be

under any of these different ones

depending on what phone it is so

whatever phone it is straight talk and

actually be on any one of these any one

of these things so straight talk is one

of those weird ones that they can

actually be under any of them all right

so now now this is what we got going on

right so class okay if you have any of

these phones down under here right so

this is basically the cutoff point okay

that's the cutoff point and then there's

a cut-off point right here okay cutoff

point right there all right so people

ask can you put Metro a metro phone on

Verizon hell no can you put a metro

phone on Sprint

hell no can i unlock a Metro phone yes

you can unlock a metro phone right and

then now you can use it on 18 to your

t-mobile okay you can use it on you can

either use it on AT&T or t-mobile so you

can use it on any of these carriers

right here so boom okay so if you unlock

a metro phone a simple phone some mobile

phone go smartphone or straight talk

foam that is in right here you can

basically use it on any one of these any

of these okay now

you cannot take a metro phone and put it

on t-mobile you cannot take a simple

mobile phone and put it on t-mobile you

cannot take a go smartphone and put it

on t-mobile okay so the smaller carriers

the smaller carriers cannot be put on

the main carrier right but the main

carrier the main carrier the king or

whatever you want to call it the king

carry the main carrier can be put on any

of these phones so any t-mobile phone

actual t-mobile from t-mobile like you

know I'm saying like contracting mobile

phone can be used for metro simple go

smart straight talk okay now there are

exceptions to this rule and everything

like that but this is generally how it

works okay so just like a cricket phone

you can't just throw an 18 T SIM card in

here because cricket locks their phones

make sure it locks their phones you know

all these other companies usually lock

their phones so you know these phones

are locked for at least three months and

then you have to call or six months then

you have to call okay

so that's how that kind of works okay so

AT&T so it's better to buy an AT&T phone

or it's better to buy a t-mobile phone

because then now you can use it on

cricket h2o you know I don't even know

what the hell I wrote here

AT&T prepaid so that that's how that

goes so tracfone yeah alright so are you

guys with me so far type of one type of

one if you're actually learning

something here if not then you know

whatever but all right so now sprint

obviously you know you got your boost

you got your version you got your teen

you get your sweet talk

but phones right pretty much mostly

sprint funds can go sprint is like again

the main carrier and you can put it on

generally you can put a sprint phone on

boost virgin you know ting and other

carriers like that you know I'm saying

now it's not always a fact it's not

always you know a given but sometimes

you can will John is a genius what's up

in the cams what's up everybody

all right so so yeah so basically but

sprint sprint even if you unlock the

Sprint's hold on guys Little John needs

some milk so let me get up some milk

real quick and then we will continue on

with lesson hey lil John where's it

where's she cut back Lil Jon didn't

bring his cup today see he's already

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yeah yeah and then I'll be right back

with the lesson guys I'll be I'll be

don't don't be passing notes don't be

passing notes walk all the way all right

now that that's done oh sorry about that


all right so I hope everybody I hope

everybody behave while I was away

so anyways okay so here we go we're back

to this right so basically sprint now

this is and this is how I know it you

know I'm saying obviously it can change

a little bit guys from what phone you

have what care you have and all that

stuff but yeah this is just how I know

how did how this whole thing works okay

and this whole thing is complicated at

times so spread phones cannot even

though you unlock them cannot go to

t-mobile or cannot go to AT&T

okay now there are some exceptions

sprint some sprint phones are world

phones and what a world phone is

basically a world phone can pretty much

be put on mostly any of these carriers

and it can be used on Sprint and Verizon

so a world but very there's very few

world phones nowadays you know so that's

that now Verizon now Verizon phones are

a different beast altogether Verizon

unlock phones ok Verizon unlock phones

can be used on our Verizon phones come

unlocked automatically pretty much when

you buy them from from Verizon they made

this thing I guess they made this this

little pack to this little thing saying

since Verizon has the biggest network

and the most towers and everything like

that you know there

the biggest player in the game when

Verizon comes out with their phones

their phones have to come factory

unlocked so Verizon phones can be used

on t-mobile or AT&T or any of these

carriers at any time any place

so basically Verizon phones are and you

know pretty much world phones to begin

with okay

so that's that you know I'm saying

silver isin and of course it can be used

on a few of their smaller carriers so

Verizon tends not to have so many

smaller carriers and yeah so this is the

this is this is what that whole it's

what that whole thing looks like okay

guys so hopefully you guys learn

something today about that you know I'm

saying the unlocking thing and the

network thing is so complicated guys to

be honest and sometimes even people that

know it can get messed up or whatever

but that's how it generally works guys

hopefully you guys learned a little bit

of something I'm gonna get a bigger

board and you know set this up or

whatever the right way but that's the

rule that's the board I wanted to use

but obviously there's some stuff up

there or whatever but yeah so one of

these days I'll have another another

teacher class or whatever but can it

verizon phone be use on Metro yes you

didn't pay attention yes it can be used

Verizon can be used on Metro yes right

away so that's why Verizon phones are

usually more expensive Verizon phones

are usually more expensive when you when

it comes to you know on Craigslist or

whatever so yeah so Verizon phones are

more expensive for that fact that's why

they're more expensive because Verizon

phones can be used on whatever pretty

much wherever you want you know I'm


Verizon is like one of those that's why

a lot of Verizon phones are highly

coveted you know when they come out or


even a prepaid no no for no bad no no

prepaid prepaid Verizon no they cannot

be used that's why that's where people

mess up that's where that's where a lot

of people mess up at is that a prepaid

Verizon thing all not teach us better

drinks on I'm gonna get some wine for

the night i'ma try some wine

Verizon can work on cricket yes yes

right away right away you want to do

anything but put it right on cricket I'm

a quick while she's you better go right

by a verizon phone sometimes sometimes

because Verizon is unlocked it's

unlocked so you can literally just put

it on there and you can turn on your

hotspot you can literally turn on your

hotspot right away you know I'm saying

so you have unlimited hotspot okay so

boom there you go so yeah any other any

other questions

dude you weren't listening yeah you get

smacked on the hand you're a funny guy

why won't you buy unlock phones and you

get and you can't get Wi-Fi calling

because Wi-Fi calling Wi-Fi calling is

is like a verizon type of thing or or

whatever company is from that's where

you know I'm saying like a metro phone

has to be built-in Wi-Fi calling has to

be built into the phone so it has to be

built into the phone that's why you

can't that's why that's why my because

you're using you know say you're using

the network you're using like so that's

why I like my ZTE Blade zmax has Wi-Fi

calling but I'm not with Metro so it

doesn't does I can't use it so it has to

be built into the phone has to have an

update for the phone or whatever and you

have to use it on the respective carrier

that's why they do that so you can use

it so that's why Wi-Fi calling is meant

for you to stay with the carrier so you

don't leave or whatever so let's see any

other questions before I go class and

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Verizon is expensive even on prepaid

sign on recipe page four dollars a month

for only three gigabytes okay I have a

t-mobile and I have Z max Pro and I have

Wi-Fi calling what is by the way unlock

falling carrier phone with Wi-Fi calling

that one huh beautiful eyes yeah I'm

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