How to Set Up and Use a Caulking Gun

a just az.com production how to set up

and use a caulking gun a caulking gun is

used to force kaki out of the tube into

a desired location once you selected the

right coffee for the job and we'll talk

a little bit about that later you will

need to load the tube into the gun

cut the tip of the tube at a 45

degree angle I usually use a razor knife

where you cut determines the size of a

hole for a smaller hole you cut closer

to the tip match the size of the hole in

the tip to the size of the width of the

seam or the joint you are caulking some

guns have a spout cutter you put the tip

of the tube in the hole and squeeze the

trigger to cut the tip I really hate

spout cutter zone I prefer abrasion tada

this gun has a metal rod on it use it to

poke the seal inside the tube if you

don't have a mal round your gun use a

long nail just take it and insert it

into the to pull this handle back to

pull the plunger back and some models

you may have to press the trigger we

place the tuba into the cradle of

the gun so the tip is protruding past

the rain or yolk of the gun the cup of

the plunger should rest against the

bottom of the tube holding the tip

against the area of where are you going

to start slowly squeeze the trigger

until the clock

before we start talking we're going to

need to prep the area as we can see over

the years the has contracted and we

got some holes in here so what we're

going to have to do is remove the

caulking just take a razor knife and

just start cutting out the old caulk you

have two different types of caulk latex

and silicone latex is easier to apply

than silicone and cleans up easier with

soap and water

silicone doll is more durable it's also

more flexible meaning that it's a better

choice for seams enjoying set expand and

contract some silicone products require

a mineral spirits for cleanup of many


check the label on your tube for the

directions on how to clean up latex

caulk is also paintable but not all

silicone caulk is panel again remember

to check the label silicon also works

best for non porous surface latex can be

applied to both porous and non-porous

surfaces I chose a fast drying acrylic

latex caulk with silicon it drives a

twenty million its paintable it's good

for 50 years it's waterproof exterior

and easy to clean up let's give it a try

put the guy on the corner and squeeze a

little as you move it down

get to be the all the way around

the window just take a little water what

your finger

and you smooth it out

if you open in an area come back cool

extra in there

once you finish with your clocking just

pull a handle back remove the this

too is still about half full so what I

do is I take a plastic sandwich bag the


and wrap a rubber band around and it's

good for store we finish talking the

pain in the window the whole project

took us less than an hour that's going

to save us money on our heating and

air-conditioning bills in the future

project made it easy by using a caulking

gun now that you learned how to use a

caulking gun you tried another project

such in the bathroom around the sink or

a tub or for repairing a driveway thanks

for watching