How to Unlock a Casio g'Zone Ravine 2 cell phone


hello this is Sergey dried chef and I

have here my verizon G zone arriving to

phone from Casio and a while back I did

a review of this phone and I'm totally

satisfied with this make and model it's

a really decent phone and a lot of

people are asking me if it's possible to

unlock this phone because this is a

global phone and it has it supports both

CDMA and GSM GSM technology in just this

morning I got an email from my YouTube

viewer in Russia who asked me the same

question so I started looking into this

and now 10 minutes later I have this

phone unlocked so I can use it anywhere

in the world where GSM or CDMA

technology is supported no actual CDMA

is still locked like one trick and why

why I couldn't do it before was that you

cannot actually unlock a purely CDMA

phone because the the authorization of

the phone is done through the software

on the providers end there's nothing you

can do on the phone itself to modify

that like to unlock right unless it's a

GSM phone because where GSM phones that

locking is done on the phone level so

anyway I just went on a trip to Russia

about a month ago in January 2012 and I

called Verizon Wireless and the ref said

no you cannot you cannot unlock it you

only have to use the SIM card already

pre-installed because it's locked and

the rate for Russia was like 399 per

minute like totally ridiculous so I

ended up going there and just using my

brother's phone with the local SIM card

but now after this viewer asked me again

about this you know I started thinking

and I called Verizon again and actually

now I managed to you know what I did the

key point here to unlock to unlock the

Verizon Wireless the Casio G zone Ravine

to phone is to know what questions to

ask first

it takes it takes very little time and

all you need is you call the customer

service and you tell them that you want

to speak to someone at global technical

support and you explain to them that you

want to unlock your SIM card you want to

be able to use it with an international

carrier without using the SIM card

that's already inside because the phone

comes from the dealer already with us

there Verizon Wireless SIM card print

store but if you use that SIM card you

know you'll have to sell your house your

car and probably I don't know oh you're

all the belongings in your house too but

so here's what I did this morning I

called customer service I explained what

I wanted the transfer me to global

technical support global technical

support lady said that of course we

don't do it on a regular basis because

naturally they're losing money right if

I'm using someone else's SIM card

Verizon Wireless doesn't get a cent of

that so that's why I didn't know their

size they have two qualifications for

you so first of all your account with

Verizon must have been active for at

least 60 days and the second

qualification is is that it should be in

boot your account should be in good

standing so if you're being you know

late on making your payments they might

just say no so make sure you you meet

these two correct criteria sixty days


stay with Verizon and good standing of

the account so after that they also they

send you a little agreement or contract

kind of a legal thing by your email and

but also she basically you don't you do

not need to read that before the

unlocking is done

I just basically the lady on the phone

will tell you or the guy on the phone

will tell you that once you install the

same the same from another provider you

should not call them if you have any

problems like any kind of signal

problems or or technical support you

should you should address to your to the

new provider whoever you buy that SIM

card from so basically Verizon Wireless

that you know we have nothing once you

unlock it we have nothing to do with the

same part of your you know like you said

what from Verizon right and then she's

asking you she will ask you for an

alternate number that she can call you

on so that she can help you with the

program in your phone and let's say I'm

staying at a hotel here so I gave her my

hotel phone number and she called me and

I it was not like into a zoo once you

have the customer service rep on the

phone and you're talking on another

phone she'll just help you unlock the

phone basically right then and there so

you go into settings and then phone

settings okay and number eight is

security but number nine is same

security and that's what you want so you

enter the security code normally it's

the last four digits of your but after

the other number there'll be an

unlocking menu there and the customer

rep on the phone basically just tells

you what to put in and then you click OK

and that's it you're done so you'll see

the message saying that your phone is

unlocked so that's how easy it is and

the only other thing that you have to do

is in the same phone settings here

there's the system select menu number 11

and you have just to make sure that the

network mode is set to global it can be

CDMA GSM but it should be global because

this phone is smart enough to know which

word network is CDMA which network is

GSM and that's it so once you do that

your phone is ready to be used anywhere

GSM signal is is available so this was

surrogate directive and I hope this

little video will help some people save

a whole bunch of money when the travel

overseas be safe and enjoy your new

capabilities of the Casio G zone ravine

2 phone