Tutorial: Carrier Comfort Series Non-Programmable Thermostat- Unique Air Services

carrier comfort series non-programmable

thermostat presented by unique air

services the basic controls in your

thermostat are mode fan the up arrow and

the down arrow to change the desired

temperature simply press the up or down

arrows the actual temperature is

displayed on the top mode settings press

the mode button repeatedly to toggle

through mode choices the thermostat uses

one of four modes heat cool auto and off

when the mode selection is auto the

thermostat automatically switches

between the heating and cooling to

maintain the temperature you've set fan

settings press the fan button to switch

between the fan on and autopen when the

fan is on it helps distribute air

throughout your home for more even

temperature in all spaces you can set

the thermostat so that the fan runs only

during your heating cooling cycles in

auto mode or to run continuously and on

additional settings to access the

additional settings first press and hold

the mode button for about three seconds

your screen will display you won the

first setting use the first additional

setting to change from your thermostats

default mode of Fahrenheit to Celsius

press mode to select the F and then

press the down arrow to choose C to

choose F press the uparrow press mode

again when you are done when your cursor

is selected the u1 press the uparrow

choose you to this setting can turn on

the continuous backlighting if your

thermostat is powered by electricity

press mode select the off and press the

up button for on or the down button for

off press mode when you have finished

press the up arrow again to get to the

u3 setting this setting lets you lock

the keypad of the thermostat to activate

it press mode and press the up arrow for

on or the down arrow for off you will

see a padlock symbol when the screen is

locked to go back to the main screen

press fat if the screen is locked

hold down the up and down arrows

simultaneously for about five seconds

what if the battery icon is displayed

replace the batteries of one third of

the battery icon is black because the

thermostat functions begin to decrease

as the power drains there is a power

outage if you lose electricity and have

batteries installed the thermostat will

continue to display the indoor

temperature because it has a backup

battery source you get a system error

message contact unique services for

support to contact unique services call

eight seven seven two four seven seven

three six five unique care services