How To Unlock Any iPhone From Any Carrier In 1 Minute - XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5

hey there everyone hope you're doing

great today in this video I'm gonna be

showing you how you can unlock any

iPhone model from any carrier to use

with any carrier that you choose to use

and it just takes about under a minute


alright so in this video I have eight

different iPhones here all of them

different models and they're from

different carriers so we're going to be

going over each one of them one by one

so that I can show you will carry their

each from and so we can unlock them one

by one in this video all right so let's

get right into it

Hey and just a quick reminder we're

gonna have all the links and resources

down below in the description of this

video alright so here we have them all

all eight iPhones all of them different

models and from different carriers as

well so let's go ahead and power them

all on one by one

all right so first off let's go ahead

and check what company each of them are

for so that you can see so the iPhone

10s max is from Sprint right here it

says Network Sprint we're going to be

removing these SIM cards now in just a

second the iPhone 10's this one is also

from Sprint but here in carrier it does

not say Sprint it just says carrier 30

2.0 the iPhone 8 is AT&T the iPhone this

one right here the 7 plus is from Sprint

as well

so this 7 is from Sprint as well let's

go ahead and check out these 6 this one

is a 6 plus this one is from t-mobile

and this one right here is a i phone 6

and it has a cricket SIM card in there

so it might be from AT&T or Cricut since

they both run on the same towers and

this iPhone se is from t-mobile as you

can see it says t-mobile right here all

right so we're gonna remove the SIM

cards one by one so that you see each

one and I'm gonna place the SIM card

right on top of the phone actually I'm

gonna I'm gonna place the SIM card right

up here so that we can see them

as sprint as well

this iPhone ages AT&T the seven-plus I

believe is also sprint yes it is sprint

iPhone 7 is sprint again


and this one right here is 6 plus is


this six-plus is cricket

and this right here SD is from t-mobile

okay so what we're gonna do now is since

these phones are from each of these

companies we're gonna place in a SIM

card from another carrier so that we can

go through the process and I can show

you what happens and how to unlock it

okay so since this one is from Sprint

we're gonna put a t-mobile SIM card in

this one so let's go ahead and get the

t-mobile SIM over here from the from the

SE and place it into the 10s Maxx

all right so leave it in there this one

is sprint so let's also do a t-mobile

SIM we'll take this one here from the 6


this one is AT&T so AT&T let's put in a

Metro SIM card one of these that I have

down here Metro this one is sprint so

okay let's also just do Metro again

let's take this Metro one down here

this one is sprint again

so let's do

so AT&T sim that I have done here

okay this one was t-mobile so let's put

in this AT&T chip that's here

this one had the cricket SIM card so

let's put in a t-mobile SIM that I have

down here this one was also t-mobile so

we'll just put in this crickets in code

all right so let's go ahead and check

them each one by one very important you

have to be connected to Wi-Fi so here

we're gonna activate each phone with the

new SIM card we have to try and activate

them so as you can see the XS max

already says sim not valid sim not valid

because we're trying to activate these

phones with SIM cards that are from

another carrier and they're all locked

to their company oh looks like I have to

put in the Wi-Fi here on the SE

okay so the SE now is trying to activate

I connected at the Wi-Fi so as you can

see they each say sim not supported all

right so this is how we're going to

unlock it with these black unlock chips

you can unlock any carrier any model

iPhone to use it with any other carrier

that you wish to use your iPhone on I'm

gonna do it on all these eight phones

but if you do it on just one phone it

really only takes about a minute or so

all right so let's go ahead and put an

unlock chip for each one

alright let's put them in one by one and

we're gonna insert them with the same

SIM card that you're gonna unlock it

with so the XS max though you have to be

very careful because the XS max it

doesn't really have a slot for the

unlocked chip okay so for the XS max

what you have to do is you have to you

have to position the sim the unlocked

chip farther down and then you have to

insert it in very carefully so insert it

in very gently and slowly and and and

push the unlocked chip as far down as

possible push it in there and then push

your unlock chip in yours the rest of

your SIM card in so push it in and there

you go it should read it once it's in

there correctly go ahead and swipe up to

continue actually ok so let's continue

with the rest of the phones here we have

the iPhone X has the t-mobile chip let's

put the unlocked chip in here this one

as well

okay once the unlock trip is in there

place it in the phone with the SIM card

once again

there we go let's leave that there for a

second here we have the eight



all right so it looks like they're all

reading the SIM card obviously we have

to do the unlocking still okay so

connect to Wi-Fi and follow the prompts

on each one once again

okay and they're all gonna give you the

same message once again but now that we

have the unlocked chip in there with the

SIM card that we want to use we're gonna

go ahead and put in a ICC ID code into

each phone and unlock it so let's go

ahead and do that now okay so on the

iPhone XS Mac's press and hold the power

button and the menu down here is gonna

come up hit emergency call

on the 10 on the f1 10 do the same thing

press the power bond hit emergency call

and on the rest of them you actually

just hit the home button so home buy an

emergency call emergency call

there we go so now with the Dow pad open

on each one we're gonna dial star five

zero zero five star seven six seven -

star zero pound and then hit dial and

then this menu is gonna come up you're

gonna scroll down to edit iccid so

you're gonna we're gonna I'm going to do

the same thing for each one

alright so I'm gonna put in the code in

each one one by one to continue the

process alright so let's do it with the

XS max first so we hit dial then you

scroll down to edit

iccid then here we're going to type in

the current ICC ID which is gonna be

down below in the description as well as

the black unlock chip to unlock all

these phones all right so let's type in

the current ICC ID which is eight nine

zero one four one zero four two seven

nine two zero two five eight and then

seven okay once you have it fully typed

in hit Send

it's gonna say setup ok restart your

iPhone now once you see this hit accept

and just power your phone on I mean

power your phone off and then once it's

off power back on but I'm gonna do that

same procedure with all of these files


all right so let's wait for all of them

to power completely on I still got these

two all right let's go ahead and unlock

each one so all we have to do now is

just follow the prompts once again but

this time since we put in the ICC ID

code and the unlock chip they're gonna

be unlocked now there you go

first one that went through right here

next one I'm not unlock unlock all of

them unlocked and looks like the iPhone

se is making me get the phone set up but

there you go it is unlocked as well it

looks like I have to set up this one

here as well

don't use password

and there we go so they each have SIM

cards in them from other carriers than

what they're originally from so they are

all now unlocked so let's go ahead into

the settings now and check the carrier

now of each one so you see the SIM cards

that are in there

okay so now once again this one the

excess max is from Sprint but it has a

t-mobile SIM card in there and if I

swept down you can see it says t-mobile

up here this one was also from Sprint

and has a t it says t-mobile right here

you swipe down t-mobile this one I

believe was from AT&T I think and yeah

so it has a metro pcs SIM card in there

this one was from Sprint has a metro pcs

SIM card in there this one was from

Spring has AT&T SIM card in there this

one was from t-mobile I believe yep and

it has a AT&T SIM card in there and this

one was from Cricut it has a t-mobile

SIM card in there now but this one was

from t-mobile and now has a crickets in

quarantine so as long as your SIM cards

are activated with service you will

receive a normal service on your

unlocked iPhone calls text messages data

picture messages everything will work on

your phone and just fine as it should

alright everyone so that was just a

quick video on how to unlock your iPhone

any model from any carrier but there's

gonna be links down below in the

description for the unlock tip and for

the iccid as well alright so that is it

for this video hope it helped you out if

it did go ahead and give it a like if

you enjoyed it and I'll see you in the

next video and as always peace