Programming the Edge Thermostat

hello everyone I'm Tim Perry

representing your local carrier dealer

and we're going to talk about how to

program your edge thermostat so what

we're going to do here is we're going to

show the different features of the edge

thermostat and how to program them you

can see some buttons up above whether

you want to schedule by following the

schedule that you programmed or perhaps

you want to hold it to a different

temperature for a period of time you

press that button and you go to whole

let's say you want to keep it at 60

degrees for an extended period of time

or perhaps you want to keep it at 65 you

can bump up this up and down arrow the

up arrow to go to 65 degrees or perhaps

you're going to go on vacation for a

period of time press that scheduling

button once more and you are scheduled

to go on vacation and you can program

the actual date that you will return

from your vacation so let's say you're

going to return in March you press that

button below the March and then you go

up and perhaps it's going to be March

21st so we'll set that to March 21st

very easy to do so you press the buttons

to determine what you change and then

you change them by going up and down on

these arrows we'll go back to following

the schedule you can also adjust your

fan speed whether you want to go to auto

speed so it only run the fan only runs

when the unit is in heating or cooling

when the system is operating like that

or as I recommend put the system in - on

so the fan is running constantly to

continually circulate the air in your

home and to keep your home more even

temperature wise throughout the home and

you can also change the mode whether

you're in heating mode or cooling mode

or perhaps emergency heat if you have

that kind of a system when you press out

heat and cool that means it will change

over automatically from heating to

cooling based on the temperatures in

your home

so you can adjust the just the buttons

there and then go there's emergency heat

there's we're going to go back to heat

now let's look at this setting the set

temperature so you can see clock

calendar daily schedule and vacation

settings so if you press it once you go

to the first choice there and it's the

clock and you can change the the time of

day let's say you want to change it to

10:31 you press that button below the

hour and then you go to the up arrow and

now it's at 10:00 of course it changed

to 10:30 to automatically so that's how

you adjust the clock now going to the

next selection that's the calendar this

is the actual date and in year or then

you can go to the daily schedule so you

can adjust the not only the times that

these various scheduling --zz occur but

what is the temperature during those

schedules so right now we're in the the

day setting so my day time starts at 8

o'clock and the heating setpoint is at

60 and the cooling is at 85 degrees and

these are factory default numbers so you

can change change that you perhaps you

want to adjust the time so we'll go to

the time and the hour is already

highlighted here so let's say we want to

set it to nine o'clock that's all you do

is you press the up arrow

now let's suggest that the you want to

change the sleep time in settings so we

press this button to go from day to

evening from evening to sleep and that

starts at 10:00 p.m. let's say I want to

change it to 10:30 I press this button

so the minutes are highlighted and then

I go up here and hit it twice it moves

in 15-minute increments and of course if

you want to set the heating setpoint to

say 65 degrees I press that button to go

to heating and up we go to 65 degrees so

that's how easy it is to actually

schedule a the times and the

temperatures for your set back features

now to the next feature here's our

vacation settings so when I select to go

on vacation I'm able to set the

different heating and cooling

temperatures while on vacation let's

suggest that I want to change its ready

for adjusting heating and let's say I

want to go to sixty degrees and I just

move the up arrow and now we've adjusted

the heating setpoint during vacation

mode this particular thermostat has a

humidity sensing feature and it that is

a wonderful feature to provide

additional comfort to your home it has

the ability to adjust that humidity

setpoint during the vacation setting and

right now it's set at twenty percent

relative humidity that's pretty darn low

let's say I want to go up to thirty and

I simply move this and it moves in two

percent increments to be set at thirty

percent relative humidity so that is a

quick shot of how you program your edge

thermostat and when you're all done you

simply press the done button and

everything is set up and now your full

displays are back and you're ready to

roll if you have any questions please

contact your local carrier dealer or

visit carrier comfort team comm