Venstar. T-1700 Thermostat. Which Buttons Do What.

okay hello world this is the bend star T

1700 digital thermostat it's a one day

programmable to to heat and one cool

that does heat cool and heat pumps is on


it also has should have say five minute

compressor protection doesn't say it

right here but I am pretty sure that it

does should I'm going to have to check

on that anyways what that means is that

if a kid plays with the buttons on here

the compressor will not if they if you

touch it the first time it'll work fine

go into cooling but if the kids playing

with the buttons it will wait five

minutes before it will go into cooling

again to prevent compressor short

cycling anyhow this is explanation it's

a video for an explanation on this

thermostat how to use it it's very

straightforward very good thermostat

anyhow when you hit the button that says

along here it says fan emergency heat

indoor program let's see when you hit

the button they all light everything

lights up so you hit the fan button I

don't know if you hear it it but the fan

just came on and I don't know if I can

zoom in here

I guess not but maybe when it shows up

on YouTube it will be able to be zoomed

in and stuff anyways so fan off you just

push the button fan on fan off just like


courtesy heat would be for another kind

of heating this uses a gas furnace this

is California

I'm reffering to California so we use

mostly here gas furnaces and electric

air-conditioning condensing units

outside and a standard heating and air

conditioning split systems they call it

out here or we also use heat pump

systems which they the air heating and

air conditioning would is from the same

is from the compressor it's just

reserved reverse cycle air conditioning

so it wouldn't be a gas furnace it would

just be an air handler so and it was

toned getting all that but I guess I am

but anyhow so um I mean the main thing

we have out here is

heat pumps or guests furnaces with air

conditioning outside anyhow how to use

the thermostat like I said fan on touch

like that

these have five modes there's off mode

heat cooling Auto and program and I'll

go through that here in a second so

there was off you should be able to see

to the left of the display off then it

press the mode button goes into heat and

a red light comes on I don't know if you

can see the red light I guess it's kind

of weird shows up weird on the thermos

anyways a red light to the left side of

the but not the red light right there

can't see it on the video but anyhow so

like I said it goes from off to heat

then cool

and automatic mode where it will you can

set the to set points cooling and

heating and it will keep the house hot

or cold

within two degrees it also has a program

mode which is up here which you could

refer to your there will be a little

book that will come through this which

is the owner's manual which will refer

tell you how to program the

that points for programming