hello everyone you've probably heard

news about the car of a neighbor an

acquaintance or any other person being

stolen and you've probably wondered how

thieves did it car thieves are real

professionals everyone has their own

methods to steal a car quickly and

quietly it's hard to imagine but they're

tools for stealing are made of metal

cans coins and even if it sounds weird

tennis balls today we will tell you

about six methods used by different

thieves to open a vehicle without having

the keys but we warn you not to try to

repeat this at home this video was made

for educational purposes and is an

example of what not to do so let's get

it on jamming transmitter let's begin

with the simplest method of all the

methods thieves love to use this one

because it's the easiest and the most

efficient one this system is used above

all for stealing modern cars which use

remote-controlled keys to open and close

the doors these small devices are known

as jamming transmitters or radio jammers

you can find them in all sizes from

small radios to huge suitcases and they

use to block the connection between the

car and the automatic key as you can

imagine you only need this little device

to open any vehicle do you want to know

how it's done the device operates as

follows the jammer transmits a noise

frequency or unnecessary information

that fills the input channel of the car

preventing the door from closing when

the owner of the vehicle tries to close

his car with the key usually the victim

thinks that the door has been closed but

in reality the vehicle remains open at

the disposal of the thieves air pillow

at first sight you might think this is a

fantasy product and we know you probably

haven't heard about it before we are not

going to tell you how to open a car

using an air pillow yeah yeah you heard

right it's a very effective method to

open a car with a sirens on it's quite

simple the thief grabs one of these

pillows and while it's still not

inflated places it in the little space

between the door and the car body as you

can see this can be done almost without

effort after that he slowly begins to

blow the pillow up until the door opens

for itself after that he can use a stick

or a peg to open the door mechanism and

deactivate the alarm and that's it

you can say goodbye to your beloved car


we heard somewhere that you can open a

car using rope we wanted to know if this

was true and decided to try it for

ourselves you've probably seen this

method in several movies because it's

quite popular so is time to discover how

real thieves use this easy fast and

effortless method so you take some rope

and before you begin tie a special knot

known as a slip knot a type of knot that

can slip along the rope and can easily

be untied by pulling one of the ends so

we're ready now we accurately place the

knot in a small gap at the door and

slowly start moving the knot until we

find the blocking mechanism now we

simply have to pull the knot up and the

door will open it's done look the door

opens easily in the cars now in the

hands of the thief tennis ball as you

know thieves are very inventive people

and they're always creating new tools to

commit their crimes of course so we have

here a proven and very simple method to

open a car and the only thing you need

is a tennis ball so first you have to

make a little hole in the ball with a

small screwdriver although first need to

heat it somehow a gas torch will be

perfect for this job

then you have to press the ball very

tightly to the keyhole

put some effort press it really hard and

you are done the lock is open this may

sound weird but it actually works the

thing is that the pressure of the hot

air from the ball when you squeeze it

makes the mechanism open

coke cans the trick you're about to see

is an incredibly simple and efficient

method used very often by car thieves it

works especially well if a driver is a a

woman no offense girls it's just you

have a slightly different understanding

of how vehicles work okay so you have to

attach some counts to the back of the

car to create as much noise as possible

the first obvious reaction of the driver

will be to stop as soon as he or she

here is the weird noise the driver comes

out to check what's wrong probably

leaving the door open and the keys in

the ignition lock this is where you come

in jump into the car and disappear

quickly the drivers left to pick up its

drop jaw from the floor and to file a

report on the Grand Theft Auto coin just

recently another resourceful method used

by thieves to steal cars or their

contents has come to light and the thief

doesn't have to spend the fortune he

only needs one coin it's very simple the

hijacker has to place the coin into the

door handle of the car like in the video

this way the alarm won't go off because

the door will be blocked by the coin and

it won't close fully usually thieves

choose the passenger door because most

drivers don't pay much attention to the

rest of the doors so if you're a driver

or about to become one remember this and

be careful don't forget to check all the

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