How to Get in a Car With a Dead Battery, No Door Key and Only the Remote!

hey what's up YouTube here's another

view by ratchet syringes and today we're

going to be working on this 2003

Mercedes C 230 with the 1.8 liter

supercharged engine my opinion one of

the worst cars ever made by Mercedes in

recent history that is it's just I think

they just try to be a you know make an

economy make a cheap luxury car skimp

that on all sorts of things and these

cars have a variety of small and large

issues which you should I would

recommend you stay away from these cars


it's mistake for me to buy this and kind

of lose money on this problem but anyway

the problem I had with this car was that

I let it sit for a while and the battery

completely drained on this then I went

to open the door and jump-started and I

realized I actually don't have the key

to the car these things come with these

they also come with the key but when I

bought I just didn't come with the door

key and this is what you used to get in

and out of it and as you can just can

tell nothing is happening because this

batteries come with a drain and this is

also what you need to what you use to

turn the car on and off this is another

problem apparently they have is that

these go bad and then you have to go to

dealer spend the what a lot of money

just kicking on level and these but

that's just a tip of the iceberg as far

as these cars go but anyway yeah here's

hi I was able to finally get into the

car I thought you might find this


okay so basically with the car that's

got the battery is completely drained

well you need to supply power to somehow

you could you know you could work this

good work this hood try to get it open I

tried I couldn't really do anything or

you could obviously do what the most

common thing is and there's tools you

know but you can stick in get it to the

door to the door handle get it open

my opinion a lot of times you use that

stuff especially on the car that's you

know not going to eat up the best

material and you what happens is you

could potentially

and these out of shape and then uh your

car will look worse you look bad you

know people and trying to sell the car

which I'm trying to do people might come

look at it and I think I had an accident

or something but by lines are not line

if they have body lines don't line up so

so in my quest to supply power basically

here's way of it okay so basically you

will need to jack up whichever side of

the car the your starter is on and this

car is going to be on this driver side

but the jacking point for these Mercedes

up for the front is going to be down

here which I'll show you when this is

all properly lifted up and supported one

thing very important is that since this

car is all locked up our emergency

parking brakes aren't on so you want to

choke both the front and the rear of

both your rear wheels before you jack up

the car because your emergency brake

isn't on and it's kind of like in the

cars in neutral you know you left this

up and any kind of small movement

there's potential potentially you could

the car could fall off the slide off the

jack stands and you know cause you great

bodily harm okay so that will triple do

whatever you go you checked everything

make sure both your rear wheels are

choke they're not going anywhere

and then you go to jack up the

effrontery car okay


okay and here's a Jacke important for

this car this front of the car this

solid piece of metal right here that is

a jacking point and then I also push

placed my jack stand on this side only

I'm only gonna support the the left side

that's where we're going to be doing our

work that's where our starter is and

just let that side down so just provide

more traction so this thing is gonna

slide while I'm underneath it okay so

with the vehicle property lifted and

supported you wanna get underneath it

now find your starter in our case it's

going to be on the left side there you

can see our stutter motor and the

solenoid next you want to find the where

the the power source for the starter is

connected to it which in our case is

going to be let me see if I can get a

zoom in that bolt there you see a bolt

right there that one actually had a cap

on it the first time I did this actually

I popped that off I never flying so I

can't find it but anyway that's what's

holding that connector in that's your

power source okay next what you want to

do is get a long piece of screwed long

screwdriver as you can see I've tacked

it up because it's powered you know I

got off this power side from my jumper

box that's underneath here connect it to

the bottom of it then i taked it up so

it doesn't swag stone we don't get any

sparks as we're moving up this up there

and then basically make sure your jumper

box is drawn it as well then basically

we just put this on there the tip over

this obviously it's not tape and then

get there remote and there we go lock

unlock everything is working hooray

alrighty now

there we go now we can get in this thing

and do a proper jumpstart and actually

replacing the battery probably a much

better idea they want to keep doing this

so yeah just thought I quickly show you

guys how to do this there's another

safety measure like take something I

forgot to mention is that on this card

there is a splash shield there's

actually two splash shields here that I

had already me removed working on the

suspension and whatnot but uh you know

so if you're doing this on the car and

this car

there's splash shields here if you're

doing a different car you may not have

you may or may not have to remove a

splash shield okay ah so yeah hope you

guys you guys liked the video if you

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