How to unlock your car with a dead battery. Any Chevrolet!

hey I'll make them for Louisville

successes here Bachman Chevrolet and

Louisville Kentucky today's videos going

to be on a convertible

vo one that I just recently got in from

the factory for one of my customers up

in Philly before I begin this video

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so as I'm shooting this in June it

usually doesn't come a problem we

usually run into this problem sometime

over the winter time or in the spring

time we come out to the car it's locked

we hit the buttons on Lockett or we get

the key fob to unlock it and the battery

is dead now how am I supposed to give

this car when there's no locks owner and

we have a keyless access key fob to get

into this car how do we get into it

that's going to show you today on

today's video on any of the cars that

Chevrolet makes that has this type of

door handle that has the cute effects s

system which is complete this button

here so you know right away so Chevy

Malibu is chevy sonic a chevy cruze

stuff like that not a Corvette this is

how you get into the car so there is a

key fob or a key inside the key fob so

you can see this comes apart with the

key fob and all you have to do is push

this little button that's right here

pull up on the key oops I didn't push it

correctly pull up on the key and the key

comes up now there is a hole underneath

here that

exactly the size of the key and all you

have to do is put that up there and top

it off now we may set there and be like

oh wait a second wait to take a mic I

don't want to step there and put a metal

key on the paint well is if you remember

from my video of how I sold my radar

radar detector and my personal Camaro I

have these nice little tools so in this

tool set we have this little guy right

here and this will work as well so you

can get that up there and then there's

also this tool here in there that'll

just barely fit up in there barely and

what we want to do is pull out on the

handle at the same time and we and on

with this tool we want to twist on a key

you can just pop it off and now this

becomes loose and lo and behold there is

a key fob behind our key cylinder behind

this little piece here so now you just

put your key in there turn it and

unlocks it so now I don't have the key

to this car what I do with it but this

is my personal Camaro key so it's not

going to lock it but that's all you have

to do now to put the only guard is drop

it oops

we'll just leave that on YouTube video

but so in order to put this back on you

just do it in Reverse

what you want to do is want to put this

side on first and then put it put the

clip in here so what you want to do is

pull the handle put this on here like


do it and it's already snug I like to

give it a little tap just to make sure

and that's all you have to do that is

how you gain access into your keyless

access Chevrolet with the silver buttons

on the doorknob as this being a zero one

and a convertible I've got to do a

start-up crack this correct this is a

cold start up

touch of sweet bound again thanks for

watching have a great day

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so on any felis access car outside the

Corvette so Chevy Malibu Chevy Traverse

Chevy Equinox she's got blue I want you

to got I'm trying to shoot the video

already snug probably to get a little

tap just to make sure and that's all you

have to do spank it though he said spank

it let us get it let it get a little

spanking you naughty car here's the

naughty kind of spanking on this car or

curls the ones makes the cars hey how do

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