How to unlock your car with dead battery or remote not working on nissan

- Tosh tires I've got a Nissan Micra

here just going to show you a quick

trick on this if say you've got a sense

of looking on your car this is the keys

you press the button it unlocks the car

and then it locks a car but you can see

here this this cars having trouble with

the center looking at the moment and to

open the doors as you see this is this a

bit way you usually put the key in and

unlock it but you don't have anything

here so you can't really put your keys

on this side

even the boot you don't have nothing

so put your key in right and the

passenger door as well as you see is the

same thing but with the passenger door

all you do if you see on the bottom of

this you see that little hole if you get

your key but you use it at the moment if

you get your key and gently pull this

backwards and then take it out it gonna

be very gentle so you don't want to

break it

that's how actually you can slot your

keys in and unlock the car that's it

you see that's done and that's locked as

well yeah that's only in case of

emergency if your battery packs up or

your central locking packs up you can

always unlock your card is always a way

to unlock it thanks for watching our

channel goodbye