How to: Unlock a Car Door with a Phone

so today we're going to show you guys

how to unlock your car using your cell

phone that's in an emergency case if you

walk your phone or your keys in your car

okay so the other day I actually came up

with the idea from my professor who was

telling us how he had programmed his car

to accept his phone call to unlock his

car door and he had done this by using

his existing key remote to program the

car okay so he he had done some research

himself and he found that pretty much

everybody was using this sort of

technique to unlock the car it's a quick

easy simple way to do it all right so

first of all you need to get your car

manual and what you're going to do is

you're going to look for a four digit

code in the manual and so for this car

the code was 4629 alright and we have

actually already programmed the the car

to accept the phone call so we're just

going to show you guys really fast how

to do it since we've already done it

here alright so what we're going to do

here first is we're going to press the

lock button four times

then we're going to press the unlock

button six times wait two seconds and

then you're going to hold down the lock

and unlock button for nine seconds at

the end of that the car will be

programmed to accept your phone call if

you call that same four-digit number all

right so we're going to lock these in

the car and show you how to do that from


the keys are in the car

I'm going to lock the car door can't get


now we're going to call


wait a few rings make sure the signals

gone through

after its rang a few times it's okay to

hang up

get back into the car there you have it