Unlocking a Car Trunk with NO Key

here I have a car this car

has a trunk there's my keys

oh no I locked my keys in the trunk

whatever shall I do

well before you call a locksmith out

what you can do as a lot of these

vehicles have a trunk release in the

glovebox so what I suggest you do is go

to your glovebox and right there there's

a trunk release button but this one will

not work unless the key is in the

ignition and turned on which powers it

so I'm still screwed but what I can do

let me show you whilst holding the

camera is take that button get a

screwdriver behind it and pop it out if

you can pop it out and it's got the

wires going to the back of it as you see

there if you can do that hold off still

I'm calling the locksmith

because right there we have access to

the the two wires so what we're gonna do

now is come around to the front of the

vehicle what we have to do and there's

probably easier ways to do in this I'm

just showing it so any of y'all out

there can do this at home pop the hood

okay I don't put the camera back here

for a minute get your hood pop get you a

piece of wire just single conductor wire

okay and strip one end kinda long okay

wrap it around the positive terminal of

your battery light show

and then maybe a piece of tape to hold

it there so they make sure it's not

gonna fall on Fox okay the other end of

the wire

we have stripped off small don't touch

this wire to the car anywhere because

it'll short out and you pop a fuse or

something stupid will happen okay so we

bring it around here we've got the

little wire we have the button what you

do is in check inject 12 volts into one

side see if I see if it pops nothing so

what I try the other side and that

popped the trunk open

so put your wire down don't touch ground

with it or ground on the car come back

here now the trunk is open

retrieve your keys and you just say 50

or 60 dollars and all it took was one

piece of wire so hope this helps

somebody out and thanks for watching