How to unlock factory car radio

hey what's going on guys it's due to the

mechanic and today we're gonna be

talking about how to unlock a factory

radio let's get started

we're gonna go ahead and turn the key on

engine off as you can see here this

radio displays a message that says code

a symptom like this would happen if the

factory radio or battery have been

removed from the vehicle or if you're

experiencing a problem within the radio

itself as I'm pressing buttons on the

radio the display continues to say code

which means the radio is locked and

disabled the only way to unlock this

radio and enable it again is to type in

the correct password by pressing the

number button

please note by entering the password

incorrectly three times you will disable

the radio for 60 minutes until you can

enter the password

I'm going to cycle the key back to the

off position you can find the password

to unlock the radio in a few different

spots sometimes the code will be on a

sticker placed in the glovebox here I

have the owner's manual and the

anti-theft identification card that has

the code written in it

next you're gonna want to cycle the key

on engine off and type in the numerical

code to get the radio unlocked the code

is four one two four six

you have now enabled the radio set the

clock so that you are always on track

scroll through the channels to find a

good radio station and last but not

least turn up the volume until your

communication factory radio

and again

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