GTA San Andreas - How to unlock everything at the beginning NO MODS


after five years on East Coast


how you been Carl how's your wonderful

family I'm here to bury my mom's you

know that yeah I guess I so what else

you got shaking Carl nothing

I live in Liberty City now I'm clean

legit nah you ain't never been clean

Carl well what do we got here this is a

weapon officer pulaski that was used to

gunned down a police officer not ten

minutes ago

officer Pender been a fine man on my day

you work fast [ __ ] no I just got off to

play that's a good thing we found you we

retrieve the murder weapon that a marker

don't [ __ ] me cause I don't [ __ ]

him Carl what the [ __ ] you want from me

this time when we want you will fight in

the meantime try not to gun down any

more officers of the law y'all can't

leave me here

this barlas country I thought you said

you was innocent Carl it's you don't

bang car 58 see you round like a donut

carl officer hand the bridge down