it's hi-ride coming to you from hotrod

heaven my freaking eagle channel here

something like that a dilemma today I

thought I'd have this motor in freaking

eagle this week but I had a big problem

like like the gas today is causing a lot

of this it was this 400 small-block with

a 400 turbo short sale come out of a 76

camper this old couple had that used to

go to NASCAR races and I spotted it went

in there and you see it even has to

adapt if the external oil cooler had

that on it I already had to get valve

covers picked out they would look like

the old gas are real light on the back

of them it says you can see right there

keep like they're super light that would

have looked awesome on I already had the

intake picked out ahead of Holley on it

I was going to put all that on it got it

all cleaned up brought it out here took

the valve cover off let me take them off

right now there's the ones that were on

it I better take this other one all so

it doesn't fall off I'd hate to crack

these these things are extremely

valuable uh LeBrock performer rpm that's

one of the best street intakes you can

buy for the street that is

well I was all excited tried to turn it

over couldn't turn it over squirted

transmission fluid into spark plug holes

pulled the intake

squirt off when I pulled the intake

here's what I found

broken push rods one was broken one was

been severed only the valves were stuck

on it so I'm going to go ahead and pull

the heads now check the heads didn't

want to put it back together I put one

that was a competition

big mother thumper cams and probably

like a five five twenty it's on a 107

lobe center the reason I'm making this a

month when it was locked up I had the

torque wrench and putting not all my

weight on it I could but I just knew I

was going to twist off that boat right

there for the mic balancer so I took the

transmission loose here's what broke it

loose for me I couldn't believe it I

thought my motor was locked up and

ruined crowbar I said let me try this I

stuck it right between that dowel pin

right there take a picture of it

okay all right

stuck it right here and got it right on

the teeth and put pressure on it pushing

down and they daggone if it didn't break

loose I couldn't believe it

w so you know the little truck I got the

boot five wheel off a flex plate 350 and

400 flex plates are completely different

the 400 has your weights balance weights

if you put this on a 350 you're going to

have a major vibration if you put a 350

flex plate on a 400 you're going to have

a major vibration so make sure you get

that straight when you are building your

free safeties or 400-450 for is are the

same way

they take weights 1 2 flex plate your

others for 27:39 and 6s do not a little

sad is not going to work out like a 1

but a love tearing into these things and

putting on cam in it put those valve

covers on it a nice probably like a 750


but you can either run the short water

pump this is the long water pump as you

can see it it sticks way out from the

block but if you've got dimension

problems you don't have much area up

here for your either manual fan or

electric fan whatever between that and

radiator you can always put the earlier

short water pump on it and that gives

you a lot of extra space up there I

don't learn all this from just different

motors I've done in probably 50 years of

messing with it but I was going to put

in that little AMC eagle freaking eagle

over there but I've got a 404 bolt man

it's a 7400 with the old 41 heads which

are 70 1970 350 heads I'm going to put

that behind this 400 turbo a little bit

of converter so it won't stall out when

you put it in gear and I might put it in

that if not I might put that ls7 back in

it and go racing I don't know yet who

wasn't supposed to show you that more on

that later

all right that's what's going on in high

ride heaven today I'll keep you in touch

how this progresses the motors in that

Corvette that thing's getting rid of it

get started get on the road 72 LeMans is

getting ready to be put on the market

for sale never a dull moment here what's

nice about being retired you just do

what the hell you want when you want if

you want if you don't want you don't do


I'm thing except drinking Miller High

Life later