How to unlock a sized engine

hey guys this is Ricky I'm back with the

GNU project have a 97 Ford Ranger

this car wasn't in storage for over

eight years and the engine was ceased

and what I did to started to begin with

or with the work I started cranking the

car and the car never turn over then I

try to put a crowbar in there on the

screw on the pulley and then nothing

turns over and I came out with idea to

put it you know the cars in neutral is a

stick shift and take this cover engine

cover out so I can see what's going on

how much is this uh the the Pistons

moved and there's no damage then I took

off the intake out so I can pour liquids

stuff on top of it and what I did when I

pulled those diesel and all the kind of

stuff people recommend me I fill up the

one two three the five was going down

quick the six I was was stuck so I know

that had five cylinders stuck him one

loose so I keep pouring stuff over this

hose every days and try to crank a

little bit how could I get crank a

little bit together a millimeter move on

my cylinders what I did is this

I can't wire the starter downstairs okay

you got the wire from the starter

downstairs okay so we don't have to go

in through the engine you don't have to

go through the engine

let me do it inside the car and start

the car with the key because there's

going to be a lot of mass if you start

to call on the key there's going to be a

lot of gas around here and stuff like

that you don't need none of that you

have a car engine lock so what you need

to do you need something to give the

power to turn over the engine and they

start with this will be the best thing

to start with it is to start a model

that gives enough pressure

so what I did to get a lot of pressure

they started to move the engine

millimeters centimeters a nature

everyday is little by little so we got

little bit if you get inside the


I put the battery the very connected

fully charged and then I put a jump

start in the extra a very charger that I

have you this it gives me 75 M cold

start and this tube gives me enough

quick power so I put all these three

together on the connected to the battery

okay and I move over the engine with

this wire doing this okay so when you

touch here the car start

well now the engine is free okay here's

a C okay look see down there

that's how I got this hinging lose eight

after sitting in eight years in the barn

what you have to put onto the cement OHS

with what I did here and decide you have

to take off the spot blocks complete out

and put in for some diesel or you know

diesel oil in there and leave it rest

for week or two and daily you come into

what I just did and I'll just show you

crank a little bit

he's going to give like I started slock

and it's not going to move when you feel

its move all the leakage there was stuck

in here if you're starting going down

these means you get so you got sue sook

sex you got the the job done right

because it's going down it means your

cylinders is getting moving one little

one little mini-me that's moving is gold

these are goes out it goes to the oil

pan another owada a device that I gave

you take off the screw off the oil pan

for whatever you pouring here and go

straight out and put an oil or pin and

the need on the frog so you don't get

your floor dirty this way you know you

get this job done right it took me 3

weeks for four weeks to get this car

unlock that's how it takes any questions

you send out to me now answer with my

best thanks for watch this video thank