all right folks Tommy cow here on the

lawn the serious situation with my

daughter's car this is a 2001 SantaFe

great car I mean it's got every kind of

Bell and whistle on in the world she was

driving it down to Charlotte from

Greensboro and car just broke down so we

had it towed back here and first thing I

did I checked the oil and she had zero

nothing absolutely nothing dry as a bone

so I put a quart of oil in it of oal

engine oil

didn't even bring it up to the dipstick

so ok I'm thinking the car is what this

is it's giving me a no no crank it's

it's I got a battery signal battery's

fine good all kinds of power but I'm not

getting in to turn over that starter

will not turn the engine so got this

breaker bar here three-quarter inch

wrench that I have put on to the

flywheel here down in there and trying

to turn it and normally a car either

doesn't matter which direction that bolt

should be able to turn in one way or

another turn these width uh turn the

engine over basically what I think I

have here is a locked up seized engine

its seized in my opinion I'm not sure so

like if you go back to the video where

we uncie's the weed eater I'm doing the

same thing

taking the Marvel Mystery Oil and poured

it down into the spark plug holes down

into the Pistons and we're gonna let it

sit for a while

funny thing about a 2001 SantaFe these

spark plugs probably the front ones are

easy to replace the ones the it's a v6

with six cylinders there's three in the

front and there's three spark plugs to

get two back here underneath this intake

manifold so I've got to take the entire


fold off these bolts and some nuts and

some connections here has to be

disconnected popped up and that has to

happen every time you do a tune-up on

this thing so I don't think those back

plugs have ever been changed out they're

just so hard to get to but we're gonna

try to work on this we'll see if we

can't get this thing uncie's right now

it's just ceased ain't getting no

movement on that flywheel down there to

turn the crankshaft the camshaft on the

cam bolt down there and there is a way

to get through it this way too you can

see that same bolt right there on the

flywheel so anyway guys wish me luck see

if we can't get this car running man or

it's going to the junkyard alright folks

happy day I think the car

the 2001 Hyundai I have uncie's dit it's

been about three weeks but if you can

see the breaker bar I have on here I'm

able to move the engine back and forth

if you can see that I've got my breaker

bar 7/8 inch bolt that's on that

flywheel and I'm getting it to turn so

you know any way you can get in here as

I showed you you can get in from the top

of the bottom but it finally cracked it

broke I don't know really what that

means for the health of the engine or if

she's even going to go but now the plan

is is to go ahead and because what we've

done is poured the marbled mystery oil

in there this is part of the breaker bar

as an extension for more weight and just

to help me move it now it's broken its

broken free the engine will turn got an

oil change coming probably need some new

plugs these are actually not bad plugs

they're not like burning gas you can see

they're not that that bad of shape

put the plugs back in and give her a


you see if we get this baby started oh

man my daughter's gonna be so happy but

with this car running for her

I thought sign out there with me alright

folks well I hope you can see this that

little drip right there just broke free

the bolt for the oil pan we're gonna

drain the oil there it is that's the oil

that was in it actually I put a quart in

here when the car came back it doesn't

really look bad that all looks pretty

decent we're gonna do a complete oil

change on it right now actually this

Marvel Mystery Oil in there there's a

quart of Marvel Mystery Oil in they're

coming out yourself red it is it's just

kind of a red coal hi folks they're with

them but doing a little change on this

thing change the here the oil with this

gadget picked that off all right folks

bear with me here hey folks well I

poured the old oil out and just was

feeling around in there inspecting it's

really I did add about a quart of marble

mystery oil to the oil pan but I gotta

tell you this thing is a 6.2 quart so

there's about Leaguer container it's

about half full so that tells me there's

probably close to maybe two liters of

oil in it you could see it was changed

about 8,000 miles ago

so that I had no idea they were put no

many miles on this car so I'm gonna get

some fresh oil here put the new filter

install the new filter back on put the

plug back in it will fill it up with

some STP 5w30 already got the plugs back

in it the engine shrouds back on and

we'll give her a go see if we get her to

crank it's the hottest day of the year

so far it's supposed to hit like 96 and

I'm gonna do a car it's kind of hot out

all right folks

alright so we'll just add about five

quarts of fresh clean beautiful motor

oil to this v6

this is a great little car man it's got

a lot of great bells and whistles to it

I mean warm Heat seat warmers not that

we really need that around here but uh

hopefully we'll get this guy revived

because it really is a good car all

right let's keep working on this all

right folks

Tommy coward here in the car that seized

it's my daughter's car ríos car and I'm

just letting the heat out of it you know

this is a great car to Santa Fe you can

hear everything on the dash is just

charged up says check the oil ha ha

Yeah right all right well they let it

run out of the oil drain the oil after

finally unceasing this car and ended up

with about see the level you really

can't make a jug but about 64 ounces of

fluid that was drained out during the

oil change well I had to put a quart in

it when it was returns and trade back

and then I put 16 ounces a point of

Marvel Mystery Oil I don't know if any

of that absorb some of it did but anyway

they ran this down to where it only had

about 16 ounce 32 lamp no 16 ounces of

oil in it when it ceased so that was the

problem with the car now I did uncie's

it with the marble misfit boy I'm gonna

give it a shot and I want to thank

Spencer them at Cannes for giving me the

yeah just some inspiration to do this

now his issue

let's get over here in the shade hey I'm

multifaceted my videos good Laurens

doing really good

it's July 30th okay and I've managed to

keep everything good and clean here did

a little bit of pruning this weekend but

anyway let's get back to the car

daughter needs car Spencer's issue was

impact it was a kid who busted I mean he

was racing or something this situation

was just neglect the girls were using

the car too much my daughters and no one

wanted to take any responsibility to the

oil even though I was buying oil changes

but they weren't keeping track it looked

like you went over about four thousand

miles an oil change and I had no idea

the Carlos we knew that but anyway let's

see if we get this baby on the seas

springs up and ready to go alright some

get a little water going on the lawn

these black-eyed Susans are really

toasted but let me show you what I got

going over here cuz my lawn is a lot

more important to me than this car now

we've been down here before and one I

got is an engine that will now turn and

see that beautiful I got my daughter

coming down here

briea turn it 200 times so let's see if

we get the girl to do it learn a lesson

about putting oil in the car and maybe

it'll start honey guys bear with us


there's Rio she is turning that engine

she's just working it she's got a

ratchet under there and using this big

breaker bar that I extension that I kind

of came up with this works well I'll be

damned if Kyle Busch didn't win at

Pocono here on the 30th of July there he

goes heck yeah heck yeah I am so happy

that was really important that's almost

as important as my lawn he's won now

he's in man it's great all right

Maria's gonna keep crank of the car all


Rio is turning that engine she's about

done I was going I'm heating a piece of

Swiss key coz Swiss they make watches

and the engines are like watches you

know we're gonna crank this engine I'm

gonna get it rolling baby this lawn is

rocking though I will say this kind of

heat stress hey man that's looking good

grown green baby

okay Rio is doing a staff dance to her


to allow it to start

this is very important this is so

important mechanically to get the car to

start and never let it run out of oil

ever again or any car she ever owned

okay let's very dice okay

let's start that damn car all right


Bill's gonna try to start her car that

ran out of oil

let's do I am come on baby turn over I

will say that if it's not that as the

starter or the transmission or something

with the linkage ooh that's better than

anything I've ever heard it turned yes

give it a second I'm gonna put my

battery up we'll charge it with the


well then put some jumper cables on this

sucker cuz the battery could be low good

ok well that's good alright folks well

you know the most important thing is the

lawn but let's see if we can't get this

little Hyundai to start giving it a

little juice it was dead alright baby

give it a shot ooh give it a second

that's a good sign yeah ii give it

another shot yeah go ahead

it may be the starter but let's give it

a little minute here but that's a good


it's turning over the side on fees but

it is making some serious noises running

I've been told do not give it any gas

let that fluid work in there it's making

a kind of a cranky noise don't give it

any gas but she is fit come eat it let's

let it run all right bug a man that's

how to uncie's an engine