Simple as 1.2.3 how to un seize engine Mazda

good morning Spencer Tommy Kang

once again here we go today is the day

we gonna go unseat the Indian we got

master m-master three seed in 2011

I know it's too possible for SI engine

for 2011 but they have impact on this

car kid you know try crazy you know

20-something excited to have a new car

and the engine seat because the impact

of the car okay here we go now here now

here is a air compressor I already have

the air compressor right here is crush

on the bottom hit something and the Bell

is broke so you impact the whole engine

up okay

you must take the second bailout as to

bail here take the auto bailout take

auto bailout okay matter of fact this is

master me show your car master 2011 this

is possible to see the intimacy okay m3

master three I'm sorry master three I'm

gonna show you how to unleash the devil

engine you see it okay its impact all

right this is the two we need we gotta

take off the high pack all of them

take all them ok kind of time to show

all that and over here let me see if I

can see that there's a hole for the

spark plug also take off the spark plug

this is the tool where we need we need a

socket rocker arm eight millimeter to

take a boy back out a socket to take a

spark plug

that's a spark plug adjust

one hour okay and that's the magnet this

is the products we're going to use today

the product is right here liquid range

is for fast-acting and 6e can you see

from there right there there you go

all right and out here is the intimacy

like I said once again the listen is our

engineer sees because they have an

impact impact also this car took out

from the dealer because you got no money

to replace the new engine

they also it up right here this

this hole for the compressor is supposed

to be on the other side to cover the XO

like that like my finger is but they're

crushing it that's why I squeezed out

here oiling everything so first thing

first what I'm see this and we gonna

show this liquid in here all for them

shoot in there a lot of them a lot of it

shoot our first make sure you get the

action okay after they're shooting the

spot oh I took the spark plug out

already okay I shoot this our game and

shoot a lot in there like they're gonna

shoot a lot

all right we're gonna shoot all the

whole here's I got no time to show you

that so after you shoot all that liquid

in leave to 3 to 5 hour 3 to PI or maybe

the whole day let's start again tomorrow

until they soak it in you know to lose

everything and we need a socket

I already unseat this ok just let you

know sake right here is a thing is

number 21 or 22 right here ok we took it

I took the bail out already Isabel here

to get out all ready to go to bail out

and with a rocker arm speak the rock I

mean ok it's gonna be hard but you're

gonna rock back and forth forward

backward forward backward up to that

when you got the rhythm the engine flew

a little bit then you go circle whoa

pulling the raca I'm back I put this

back in your fell on you gotta go Circle

losing right now

I'll go Circle okay there you go

one-armed cameraman there we go that's

the second round okay

that's the third round all right now

look Lion King is losing right now so go

about 20 round 20 round okay and then

after 20 round make sure you have or

also is no oil in this Kai because dry

out they never change and see the stick

right here no oil at all but put the oil

in okay before you crank up the engine

put the oil in and just try to crank up

the engine that's it when you bring up

the engine warm up the engine about

maybe 30 minutes okay don't step on the

gasoline don't step on the pedal just

let the engine run by itself you know

for thirty minutes after that turn it

off okay the final thing is you have to

do the tune-up for this car can you spot

club new oil change you know you have

oiling co2 oil link around engine chain

air filter and the caution we could to

go now you have to replace the engine

like what I just did the dealer was

going to put Li placed into 6,500 but

you have to do all that okay

the car is gonna run properly and it's

going to be good now I've gotta take

tell that gentleman

I take good care of his car make sure

here boy you sure you don't hit any

curve or race anybody you want to keep

the car for the long term

okay thank you for watching Spencer the

mechanic see you next video