How to unlock a car with a string (this really works)

hey guys last night I locked myself out

of my car at the bar tried for a half

guard to get it unlocked with a coat

hanger and it didn't work so it saw a

video on how to use a string I went to

Walmart bought this paracord for 279 it

actually took longer to watch the

YouTube video and go get the string than

it did to get in my car literally took

two tries less than four minutes so

instead of you guys having to look up

another video on how to tie a slipknot

I'm just going to show you what you're

going to want to do is go over make a

loop go over with this side I'm trying

to come around here you want to go over

like this come under like this and they

got a loop here that's where you want to

take your string through that there and

then take your two ends and what you

essentially have is the string tying or

knot around another string and you pull

it down so you have a loop about

an inch long

two inches then you pull it pull it

tight so that it will not

it'll close but it won't close easily so

he's our videographer not like you now

take it last night I use the screwdriver

to pry the door open but I don't think I

really needed to just go like that

I'm just yeah I just closed my

so I'm just gonna take it

so another slip-up

like that under like that through them

through the

okay see that what we have is our loop

right there and you're gonna want to

come over here take your string and if

you're not lined up in a manner to where

that loop will loop on to that like see

if you're like that for example you just

run it back and forth while you're

twisting it one direction not just the

name of a band and then what you're

going to want to do is see how it's

going down there bring that this end on

the front end closer down like so

and then you pull the two strings

together like that really tight I'm

gonna take this string and lift up while

I'm pulling on the other one see it just


nope nice day