Unlock a Car with SHOELACE - (no keys)


hi my name is Brian Johnson owner and

operator captain lockpick and today I'm

gonna be showing you how to unlock this

vehicle with no special tools the only

thing we will be using is a shoelace yep

that's right through the roof first

thing you're going to need to do is

figure out what shoelace you're going to

use I'm going to use the one read off

these shoes that I'm wearing right now

okay so next you're going to want to go

about 3/4 of the way down the shoelace

so we'll go right about here and we will

tie a medium-size loop when you're done

with it it should look something like

this so the next step is going to be to

tie an additional shoelace right here on

your short end of the loop place I

didn't think I'd have to do this but I

do need this lace to be a little bit

longer in order to unlock this vehicle

so this is how I've done it basically

have just tied a extra knot right there

connect it to this shoelace okay so

you're going to want to take their

shoelace and put the loop towards the

top right corner tuck it in there as

much as you can and basically just pull

it down like so and once you see the

shoelace in the vehicle you're going to

try to hook this lock right here pull it

really tight and there you go

thanks for watching my video on how to

unlock a car when the keys have been

locked in using no special tools only a

shoelace if you found my video useful

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