Picking a car door ......+ i show my baby!

hey everybody how's it going today we're

gonna do something a little different if

you could see here my keys are locked in

this car and this is my sister-in-law's

car actually so it's there her keys are

locked in the car and this car has an

issue of walking the keys in the car and

it has this glass window above that you

really don't want to be jamming stuff in

there cuz you'll probably break that


so we're gonna try to pick this thing

and well first of all I already know

that we can pick this thing because I've

done it before

um just last week I was sleeping getting

ready for work and my sister-in-law woke

me up in a dead sleep and told me it was

emergency to get her car open so I came

out here and I picked it right and it

didn't open so I was like oh shoot I

hope I didn't just get lucky picking it

right yeah turns out I didn't I picked

it left and it was all good so yeah

we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna

pick this thing for you today show you

how to do it we grab two tension

wrenches and a d-force diner

alright so we're gonna go ahead and pick

this thing left or try to stay off the

camera Oh

we're gonna pick the top wave first


okay and then sound like I got mine I

got a little movement on the core there

and we're gonna come now we're gonna

pick the bottom way fish

kind of house to give it a little bit of

rake in there zip it and here we have it

yeah we got an open door and there you

go that's how you're breaking the car

guys all right you don't have to think

keep your pick yourself oh oh actually

while we're out here you might have seen

the reflection in the car

that is my dirt biking or my motor sorry

my Harley in the background so while

we're here I'll just let you guys see it

it's dirty so it's not as pretty as it

usually is but just thought I'd let you

guys see it all right you don't have

consent keep your pic to yourself don't

break the law and have a good day