hi guys welcome back to another video

from Kyle for you so today's video all

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how

to open a boot lock basically what I

mean is you're inside the car the

outside of the button isn't working

normal maybe if you've got key you're

putting the key and it's not twisting it

should do but if it's not you need get

into the boot to get whatever you've got

oil use company seats drop the seats

down like me off so this is the boot yet

every single boot where the latches

somewhere around the latch areas or

around this area here

our latches here run this area here

you're going to have a release I release

is basically put a screwdriver in twist

it and it'll pop it out so I'll show you

what I mean put it in twist it and there

we are

so I was twisting the wrong way but I

didn't see that's released there lightly

drop the buck down and take the screw

down out and there we are we can still

get to it from the old side so that's

ready to open from the outside anymore

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thank you very much but Mike