Cannon Digital Gun Safe Fail Fix! Locked Out! Don't Drill - TRY THIS FIRST!

folks if your keypad fails on your safe

um don't pay a locksmith to drill it out

try this

first um i did and it really worked it

helped me out it saved my safe and it

saved me about eight hundred dollars

before you go any further this video is

not about breaking into a safe

this is how to get back into a safe that

you own

and already have a combination for when

your keypad fails

this works most of the time at least

worked for me


so my 20 year old canon safe recently

died at least the electronic keypad on

it did and um

my glove cannon they were nice enough to

replace it they're sending me one

and uh told me that i had to get safe

drilled in order to replace it

so i was uh getting drilled

okay i call the local safe company

they wanted 800 to drill the safe they

actually told me four to eight hundred

dollars and i said it'd be probably

better to replace the safe

and they said we'd be happy to sell you

one um i didn't uh

go pursue that any further because i

said there's got to be a better way so i

did a little bit of research this is

what i found

the front panels or the locks that canon


are legard lg also if you peel away the

little sticker in front of it you'll

find it

and i did some research made some calls

and they do

make replacement panels so let me show

you what i've got here

if you've got a canon safe this is

probably what you have

i've already dismembered this one and i

put it back together to show you how i

was able to get this

off so the first thing you need to do is

you know with the tip of a screwdriver

peel the numbers off and uh

underneath here you'll see there's two

little sockets there and yeah

unfortunately you also have to take this


any of you familiar with electronics

know what that is

and inside of here you'll find two




now lg i took the little cannon sticker

off and it says lg legard

have upgraded these front panels twice

and they are backwards compatible

so this whole thing will come off

now the one thing that you need to be

aware of is that these new ones

i'm lucky in that there's uh four holes

already drilled in the safe

apparently the new ones are vertical and

that lets you replace it directly

now this little connector goes to the

locking mechanism

that locking mechanism that lock and

mechanism was it

was in the back that locking mechanism

was in the back of this

and i actually broke it was facing down

um i ended up tearing it out because

worse worse comes to worse i was going

to cut the safe open um

which isn't that hard to do but that

would destroy it

but if i have to repl if i have to pay a

hundred dollars get it drilled i'm just

gonna get a new safe

cut safe open get everything so this


this little cable connects to

this the new

the replacement panels that have been

upgraded twice already

uh 5715s i believe they're called and

i'll get you that part and i'm going to

put links to it in the description

are backward compatible what um


lock and safe um distributors have told


is i should be able to replace the front


um directly put a battery in it and open

it right up

um the code is maintained inside

in the locking mechanism so we're going

to try that before i destroy the safe

i'd rather just

spend the money now canon is sending me

a replacement

if it's a 5715 it shouldn't be an issue

i should be able to connect this

and open it up with the original


now canon says you need to drill it the

local safe guy says you need to drill it


we'll see hopefully not if we don't i'm

going to save me

and hopefully you uh hundreds of dollars

in replacing one of these things

i'm not usually one to be really down on

uh vendors but uh it's been five weeks

and canon still hasn't shipped so i

called them

and what they told me is it's still in

backorder so i went ahead and ordered


off of ebay and um got it today

so i'm pretty excited to see if this is

gonna work or not

uh this is from the guard

lg it's a 5715 let me

show you what it looks like upside down

uh looks similar only difference is

there's no

compartment on the bottom for the

battery the batteries are put in through

the back

and looking at this one i'm a little

concerned because

there is a cable already in there and i

have no way of putting this cable into

the safe so we're going to find out how

this is going to work

first thing i'm going to do is i'm going

to take the back off just to find out

what it looks like inside here

let's do that now

yeah this cable has got me a little

concerned because

if i have to feed this cable into the

safe then kind of toast this whole uh

this whole project and expenditure was

for nothing but we'll find out

so this is what we got um basically this


is tied in to a little connector which

looks to be identical to the connector

that's on the uh

on the safe itself so the next step is


let's go ahead and test this i'm gonna

hook up the cable

from the safe to the connector on this

uh control pad put a battery in it

and see what happens and hopefully this


fix the problem we'll find out

all right so we're at the safe

and um this does fit let me see if i can

get a close-up

so you can see exactly what i'm doing

what i'm going to do here is connect

this cable

to this connector flat end down or

that's the way here the other cable was


get this installed it's clicked in

it's a good start i'm going to put the

battery on

batteries on just going to hold it

of course i'm not going to tell you what

my combination is so if you wait for


it's not going to happen but let's try

and see

i have success


all right let's do that again again um

i actually forgot the combination but um

what i'm doing is i'm keying in the

original combination

that uh this safe had before the uh

before it failed

and um as i was told by a master safe

smith i guess you could call it

um the code is actually on the inside

component not on

the keypad so haven't said that here we

go again

and there we go


all right so i'm going to get ready to

permanently install this i don't want to

stress that cable out so i'm going to

pull that


so let's go ahead and get that keypad


let me show you how they're installed on

these saves

the old keypads were screwed in you

basically had to destroy the keypad the

new saves actually have

these mounting screws

and the way these work is they screw in

and the front panel basically slides on

kind of locks in place but not really


so the way these are going to go on


is on top luckily

there must be a standard safe

manufacturer's follow because

at least the threads seem to to match

now there's already a hole in the safe

that's not going to give you access to

the area you need to get to to market

or you wouldn't have to drill it in the

first place

all right so those two screws are in


so here's the two mountain screws and

the way these will work

this mountain plate will basically

go on like so actually like so



snap on also means it can

snap off

so we want to make sure when we mount


back onto this guy

that this tab faces towards the bottom

all right yeah so

here comes the fun part let's take the

battery out

and i say this is the fun part because

what we want to do


is we're going to have to run this wire

through here


connect it


know this is kind of hard to see all

right getting it back together

just uh reconnected this let's tuck this

in here

and um i want to make sure this tabs

towards the bottom

so that's the way it will be

move this out of the way






and there we go

we have a new combo on the safe actually

i'm going to open it

and there we go easy

earlier i mentioned why you don't want

to drill a safe and there's a very good

reason for not drilling the safe because

with these new combinations i think

almost all the safes use this style

where it pops right off

and what that means if you have drilled

the safe to open it up

that means that anybody that really

wants to get into your safe that


even a modicum of how saves work we'll

be able to pop this off stick a

screwdriver or whatever in that hole

and open up your safe so drilling a safe

really compromises it

and um as far as i'm concerned you might

as well just cut the damn thing open and

throw it away or use it as a storage

vault of some kind

because it's that really it's not really

secure anymore anyway let me put this

one back together


and um


as a pleasant sound i've not been able

to get into this guy for

quite a while now and actually it's time

to change the

desiccant dehumidifier but uh anyway

hopefully you've enjoyed this video if

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