Cannon Gun Safe FAIL! LOCKED OUT! Removing & Installing a New Digital Lock



hey what's going on good people of

YouTube I've got a Tannen

safe fail video for you guys this is one

of the the safes I have and it has the

digital keypad and this is the first

digital lock mechanism safe I've ever

had all of my previous safes have had

the combination tight like this one so I

was kind of a little leery about buying

one of these digital keypads and the

reason for that is well what if this

fails how'd he get into it or you know

anything could happen and if I kind of

went back I wish I would have gotten a

backup I keep with a key backup or a

combination dial backup and not just a

sole keypad lock mechanism and the

reason for us cuz this failed on me and

I'm not going to get into all the

details but it's caused me a lot of

problems and I was able to get into it

and Canon their parts are warrantied for

life and they sent me a new lock locking

mechanism they said that they don't use

the secure rim type anymore because of a

defect inside of the lock it

something about a silicone seal around

the motherboard they it allows moisture

or something so they quit using them and

I'll show you I'll take this off and

then put my phone down and show you the

new lock

with or that Canon send me okay this is

the new block that just came in

I thought he called this a what did he

say that was roto bolt rotor lock I

don't remember

Enel I'm not sure what that stands for

but that's the keypad and it came with

here's the box will lock itself not much

to it

locking bolts and right there is where

the harness plugs in please and it came

with this little bag of screws and bolts

and that's it that's all it came with no

instructions just that's everything that

I got so I thought I don't think it'll

be that big a deal to replace it this

totally different wire harness and

locking system so it's just not a point

of switching out the keypads you can't

do that

well you might could if you could find

the exact secure ramp but from what I've

been told it's not a good idea to put

that back on there because it's faulty

and I'll probably go out on you in the

future this is supposed to be a better

lock so let's go ahead start taking it

apart okay taking this keypad off is

pretty straightforward

this is just the extra light that I had

held on by a magnet it's much - this

right here is basically got it's held on

by screws when I it slides up and out so

you just pull up on it out she comes and

you can see there where the battery

compartment is and where the wire

harness actually had to do some

Electrical trickery I'll just know the

exact word for it but to get into this

thing but I did because this was pulled

out from the harness and it was a tiny

tiny little pin barely could see with my

old eyes but basically I'm going to plug

this harness and plug it and then we'll

have to take the inside panel door off

okay this is the this is the indoor or

pocket or what the inside of the door

looks like and basically this has to

come off and from what they told me a

cannon it's simple and it just lifts

grab it by the pockets and lift up and

out hopefully is I don't see any

hardware or anything in the corner so

hopefully that's all I've got to do find

out here in just a second I'm not going

to be able to do this holding my camera

here but I said I first take all this

junk off the door and see if I can get

it off okay I got okay I got the

interior door storage off of it it

pretty much came off like they said oh

you basically have to brace it and pull

up and then out on it and it was pretty

heavy mine was I've got a it's a large

safe and that interior wall is about 1/2

I think it's about at least a half inch

plywood what it feels like and I didn't

I took all the guns off of it but I

didn't even be out the pockets what

stuff I got in there so this economy

Haven was almost a two-person job

because it's a tight fit

and here's your this is what we're going

to have to do we're going to have to

take this relocker plate off and that's

that's for tampering because with that

spore and there's a spring-loaded bolt

back here and it's just it's not that

bad difficult just going to take out a

few screws and plug it I'm just kind of

looking at the welds and stuff back here

and the grease I'll probably do a little

maintenance and applies a little extra

grease here and there and just check

everything before I put everything back

together welds very impressive my

opinion but let's uh go and get started

guys they didn't mention this I say you

just really need a Phillips head

screwdriver but you actually need two

different sizes you'll need a number two

size number two Phillips and you'll need

a number three Phillips head screwdriver

you can probably get away with using a

number two but you should use the right

screw driver for the right screw or

you're gonna take a chance so I'm

stripping it out just thought I'd throw

that in there okay so basically we're

gonna take these two screws out first on

the relocker plate

remember that bolts got tension on it

okay that comes off like so

okay guys now the spring lytic

spring-loaded bolt with the roll pin up

here that went through the relocker

plate we're just gonna pull that up and

pull it to the side where it's not

falling through that hole we're going to

take these three screws out to take the

locking mechanism off I've got to

mention earlier before doing all this

you need to have it in the locked

position we're having the bolts exposed

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that's usually the type of stuff I put

out probably should unplugged that

harness first probably if I could go

back over we've done that first in a big

deal it's got a little tab on the back

you can press and then pull it straight

out be careful especially on the keypad

that could be a little difficult and you

can pull them wires out and you'll be in

trouble if you do trust me that's out as

y'all saw earlier I went ahead and took

the keypad the old heat pad off on front

and unplug the wire harness and

basically when you get this far you just

want to take and pull the the wire all

the way through that's no good

and I'm going to go around front and put

the new keypad on and fish the wire


just the FY guys these extra holes that

I said I didn't see at first and I was

black because I didn't have to drill new

ones they were just bare holes they

didn't have any threads cut in them and

this is the screw that goes in to

replace it and basically I just went in

there and cut some new threads but so

these will go in there because they

won't go in there without it and I

didn't want to butcher them up so you'll

have to cut any threads in there and I

just used a self-tapping screw to do

that and if you just uh this is the end

to that wire that pulled out that

harness in case you was wondering that's

how tiny it is and it was a pain

especially with my older eyes it's hard

to see but anyway I'll finish putting

this back together and we'll go back to

the other side

autumn I'll show this part to the wall

is that it but basically you just feed

the wire harness through there line up

your holes push forward and down snaps

into place just like so that's your

battery which I like this design a whole

lot better a whole lot easier because

now you don't have to take the whole

cover off just to replace the 9-volt

battery it's got a little trapdoor right


but that's on there pretty good okay

guys we didn't install the new lock I

was just looking at this and there's no

instructions came with this whatsoever

and it's different from the the old lock

and it's got different sized screws and

I'm not sure which one goes where but I

guess I'll have to took a guess but that

fits on aren't like so you know these

longer ones when you put these on you

don't want to lock them down real drill

a tight at first you just want to almost

just snug them up just a little bit you

only get them all in there we'll push it

all the way to the left to make sure

it's seated correctly yeah and here's

the two screws that I said were just a

little bit different in size

it's hard for me to show you I'm so good

almost ate the financial difference and

I'm gonna guess that the short one goes

on the outside it was I am NOT impressed

with these whales I'm supposed to snug

that up that much

yeah these whales don't look good at all

I don't know if I'm just a better human

done that I can't say machine making an

ugly weird like that

so before you tighten them up just make

sure that this is all the way to the


which it is

get ducky and this wire harness plugs

the Enders can only go in one way like

so and that that's our re-locker plate

back on okay I had just a little hiccup

if you when you go to around the front

to check and make sure everything works

before you put the relocker plate back

on make sure that this relocker pin is

outside of that hole like this

I had it sitting back down in there and

that prevented it from opening up so

there you go I've already got the

battery put in there to take the battery

out you just there's a little trapdoor

right here yeah and you just slide it to

the right and the battery should fall

out yep there it is and it's recommended

that you keep a battery in there with

the expiration date five years from

today's date so just say you know let's

see two three four six plate like so

slot works perfectly I'm gonna leave

that combination like that one two three

four five six

okay anybody visit me okay now that we

know that the lock works we can go ahead

and put on the relocker plate and we'll

be in the short rows in

those yell that has never heard that

term before we're in the short rows that

means that we're almost done or finished

that term came from the tobacco fields

in North Carolina priming tobacco

he said we're in the short rows that

means we're about done so make sure that

wire isn't caught in between any metal

put that bolt back in the hole and the

rope in through that slot like so you

tighten make sure that seated correctly

it's like [ __ ] look good

let's my man check it one time like

there's the relay put the cover back on

alright guys I put the indoor pocket

back on cover back on

it wasn't no problem whatsoever and test

it a couple more times and she works

flawlessly now hopefully it'll won't

never have that problem again

she works great that was killing me

having this thing I'm locked cuz it took

probably three weeks for it to get in

anyway I hope y'all enjoyed this

like comment subscribe y'all have a

great day thank you