Gumball Machine Key Lock Jiggling - A No Drill Solution to a Lost Gumball Key

so you have a vending machine where

you've lost the keys to your locks one

will show you how to open it with just

any key long as it matches hey guys so I

had an issue right I have this gumball

machine on location rent-a-center and I

had to go pick the Machine up it was

full when I dropped it there so it's

been there for a while and the problem

was I did not have the key and I do not

have it and now I'm like what am I gonna

do with this machine I can't open the

the pops to get to the money and if I

sell it in episode 4 less because

there's no key and there's money in it

so I kind of don't want to sell it and

Justin's solution was to pick the lock

rather than drill it and I've never seen

anyone do that but he came with a crazy

crazy solution asked if I had a key that

would fit in here doesn't have to turn

it it just has to fit as I drew was

saying you don't always want to drill up

these blocks because they'll cost you

money in the long run not only from

losing the money in the machine but the

fact you have to either sell the regime

for less or have to buy a new lock well

there's actually a much more simple

solution it's less destructive and you

just need a key that works with the

machine so if you have that same key it

doesn't have to be keyed to this machine

but it work let me show you what I'm

doing and then you just want to kind of

wiggle and move it around just like that

do this this is actually a legit

technique done by locksmiths it's called

key juggling jiggling they actually have

a special tool made for that as you see

it's out real quick show them just

something you know take the key out and

try to turn this one here it's about the

same I just want to make sure that

people don't think that we're trying to

finesse them so again this one same

thing so it's not not turning it off

okay so

it can take a few moments got one

starting to be a little frustrating on

you like this one here sometimes this is

the first machine just in oh is it got

it got it

Wow so okay so what am I doing here why

does this process work as I said this is

known as key jiggling and if you want to

learn more about stuff like that

there was a YouTube channel called

lock-picking lawyer or bosnian bill

they're a pair of lock-picking youtube

channels that's kind of where i learned

this technique from but like I said it

is common but what you're doing is

you're jiggling we see that these little

key ways this is what's actually holding

onto your machine and what the key does

is it locks everything in place so they

can route it rotated what you're doing

is essentially bouncing the key back and

forth to fool the machine or in this

case is cooling the lock into thinking

that you've got the proper key really

all you're doing is just bouncing this

around until you finally get a rotation

out of it and you've got to do that each

time for each one of these little

grooves here you want to do me the

honors and show me what I have in my

machine oh yeah why is what huh oh yeah

this is all money saved by the way

because now I don't have to throw away

these gumballs I makes me happy

a little bit more here we go probably

like 20 30 bucks altogether here now the

thing to keep in mind is how much is one

of these locks costs about 20 bucks that

can break get cheaper somewhere actually

on eBay

yeah probably good for like five bucks

so immediately by me just jiggling the

key like that

Andrews already saved that five bucks

now actually technically starts to get a

key for this so but that's a product he

hasn't lost also I don't have to have a

drill and drill bits because a lot of

people when they drilled now I've seen

videos they break the drill bits yes

that's that can get pricey and that

usually comes from either using a very

cheap drill bit or just applying too

much pressure on a drill bit that's just

too small there is a proper way of

drilling and maybe I'll go through that

one day in case I come up with a key

that doesn't want to be jiggled but

that's how you do that and it's I'm

surprised nobody's really shown that on

a vending channel before or any type of

like tips and tricks thing for a vending

people well yeah key jiggling something

that works and something could save your

money so if you want more from VIN

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