okay good afternoon today we're doing a

real touchy subject doors doors the main

doors going in I can tell you something

nobody will tell you because I don't

think very many people know okay so this

is a basically a door lock that comes on

your RV right comes in now the bottom

ones a deadbolt top one is uh the lodge

we've just bought this piece right so if

you have a pity you lock the top one you

can't get in the door and you're locked

and it puts that big bolt across there

and into the door lock I don't recommend

use a deadbolt unless you're inside it

because if you put the deadbolt there is

no way getting it back unless you have a

key there is you can't break and do it

and because when this goes over Center

you can't push this back right it won't

go back so I don't recommend you do that

I reuse it me and I'll use a deadbolt at

night we'll put the deadbolt across okay

now every little thing that is so great

always has lots of little crazy stuff

right this is on the main door you'd

just go sideways right so I'm gonna tell

you story yes it's true and I'll still

beat you this stick every once in a

while when I bring it up but I was

working and she was staying at home so I

would come out and I'd lock the door

well look what happens to port fans this

is what happens I come over I lock the

door so you can't get in it right you

can't get in the door so I'll gets up in

the morning take the dog for a walk and

she opens the door opens and she goes

out and shuts the door and she'll have a

key on her

she can't get in the only way to get in

is with a key so you got to remember

that the key on the outside does not

lock the inside because it locked inside

didn't you wouldn't be able to get out

right so and that's the safety so if you

go out and you're better housed in that

lock the deadbolt okay cuz then you

can't get in you have to have a key but

you just told me a minute ago don't lock

the deadbolt let's see inside well elves

inside now well okay the door's locked

right now she can't open the door and I

can't open the door now the dead bolts

on right so I'll goes to get out the

doors you can't cuz a dead bolt so she

has to take the dead bolt off to get out

that way you won't get locked up just

just an idea okay now the other thing

with the door is they have these

electronic ones I don't recommend them I

got lots of friends at Gotham they don't

even like them they're really super

cheap and very expensive now I'm not

even gonna say how many times it's out

and you've probably even happened you a

couple times but you lose keys everybody

gets to paranoid well what the hell we

gonna do it lost the key

take the door apart and mostly all our

reasons like this you pull the handle

off like that and look right in there

and it's got a code it's got a code in

there it'll say code three one six you

phone this number 188 498 $0.49 you a

key for I don't know whatever it costs

right but the lock is worth about 150


now they take this to locksmith and they

spend lots of time to cut the key well

just go down that tone the code 3:16 and

you'll cut your keys got a big thick

book ball that thick and he'll just cut

you a key it's not a big deal people

it's not a big deal at all

so that's how you find out the key now

the chances of that key not being the

one that's in it is pretty slim to none

like you got a better you got a better

chance to win the lottery at high noon

in New York City but that number will

usually about you now the other thing

you got going is going down the road the

doors open there is nothing you can do

about it that's the nature of the beast

you can't have a whole bunch of good

stuff without having at least one bad

thing so what it does is when you get

out on the road that vibrates right now

you've got to remember the lot that the

law latch is not attached to the handles

so what it does is it vibrates back in

the door opens because it's not attached

to nothing so to do that to get around

that you do got two things to do lock

the deadbolt or else put this handle

over okay after you get it off like that

all you do is take these two screws out

of here and this latch will come right

out of there it's not rocket scientist

people and then just give new Lots put

it in there if you want and like there's

probably only 50 or 60 keys at 50 so if

you got a good locks enough to take it

down there and tell them to repin to

whatever you want you can do whatever

you want right but you know it's an RV

you just I don't there's not really that

it's not a real secure system right so

that's all I'm saying

now remember if you put the deadbolt on

like that there is no way on God's green

earth they can break into this trailer

that's why I don't recommend you use a

deadbolt unless you're on the inside for

the simple reason is

to get this door open with the deadbolt

you have to break the door that's the

way it is you can hammer on that you get

you can't push it you know this one here

you just push it in right just get a

wire push that in this one you don't

have that option so if you want to

secure put the deadbolt on but don't be

crying to me when they break the door

okay just remember you can lock the

outside but you can't the inside still

walk so if you unlocked if you lock the

outside come through from the inside and

shut the door you thought you need a key

okay other than that it's pretty good

the thing you gotta remember the doors

worth a ton of money like these doors

probably by the time they're round is

like four or five hundred bucks so

that's why you gotta just use the

kidneys a bit and think about it and not

wreck the door because they're very

expensive very very expensive so on that

note I told you about the electronic

ones they're not that great there are

locks but it's the same thing if they

lock they usually they'll only lock this

year you won't lock the deadbolt so you

paid five hundred dollars for somebody

to put a screwdriver in there and poke

the door open like if it's locked with

the top you can get it open pretty quick

if it's open with deadbolt you can't

you're gonna wreck the door okay so when

you put this panel on you got to put

this this dead bolt lever on okay and

then you got to put this into the

plunger cuz remember it's not attached

right and then you just hold it in there

and put the screws in it you gotta hold

it up there because that will kick out

of there okay

that's like that that's all I got for

you today folks I hope that helped you

up just remember the key codes in behind

the door and that's it

and if you don't have the key code

you're even better off to go paint while

the new locks honored seventy bucks but

still 150 bucks or so me get them off

eBay for forty fifty dollars and you can

fix it yourself you don't have taken an

RV place to do that sorry

just saying well the other thing do

about the key if you phone in our V

place and tell them the code is God like

3:16 and just say I need key code 3:16

and they'll ask you what color it is

purple just say I need a purple 3:16 key

they if if they got any brain cells at

all they'll be able to help you out but

oh they're not that's all I got for you

have a fine day and we'll talk to you