How to open Suitcase without knowing its Password ? | Roadie Tech

hey guys welcome back today I am going to show you how to open a TSA lock also

known as a padlock of a suitcase in case you have forgotten its password in this

video we are using two suitcases of different companies the first one of

WagonR and the second one of American Tourister it is because these have two

different padlocks so for the first suitcase that is the padlock of WagonR

we will require a torch and a screwdriver as you can see the password

of the suitcase is 786 now let me roll it and change its number as you can see

the lock won't open but there is a very smart way to open it as pointed in the

video you can see a small hole insert in your screwdriver and push it inside

until you hear a click sound and push it upward as you can see the keys come out

of the lock and the suitcase is opened without even knowing the password now

for the second type of TSA lock which the American Tourister suitcase has we

need a torch you will need to see below the numbers as shown in the video and

roll the numbers until you find small rectangular black holes under them

position them as shown in the video after you do it you will need to rotate

the numbers one by one and check accordingly by opening the lock as shown

in the video keep trying continuously at a point

the lock opens

as you can see here the lock opens at 786 which is the password that I had set

for my lock so again the suitcase gets opened by figuring out its password

without even knowing it thanks a lot for watching this video if you guys enjoyed

the video and liked the tricks to open the suitcase

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