Unlock and change Samsonite Luggage Missing Password code

hi today I'm going to teach you how to

unlock your Samsung I'd trouble back if

you don't remember the code so it's very

easy you just need your cell phone if

you can make a video with light I found

it's more easy if not if not you can use

a flashlight or something and anyway the

camera off your cell phone so in that

way you can make like zoom like this you

can see very near what are you doing

sorry if it's moving so you're going to

find something very shiny there like

metallic teen you start moving the the

wheel like this until you found like a

whole something different so I'm moving

right now and you can see okay something

differently okay this is not the code

I'm going to teach you later how to find

the code so here is the same thing

shiny okay you see like a metallic piece

and then you move it then you see

something different there okay

waiting inside same thing here start

scrolling there shiny shiny right here

is the piece I'm telling you okay so

it's so easy because the if you say if

you have this here oh okay you add five

numbers and the code here's the number

five if you have the one you add five

numbers and you have the six but in the

case we have the eight if you add fine

numbers you have a 13 so it's the number

three if you subtract fine armours you

have the three so it's very easy to know

okay and now the lock is free as you can

see now let's change the code because

you remember it now and you want to put

something more easy okay you press it


don't release it and just put for

example one two three and using just one

hand to do the video and you release it

and you have a new code you can open it

now one two three

it's ready thank you I hope you can fix

it like this